Econet unveils new service


TELECOMMUNICATIONS giant Econet Wireless yesterday launched a new vehicle tracking system device known as Econet Connected Car in Bulawayo.


Econet said the service was the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and would help companies save on transport costs.

“The service will reduce fleet costs as it tracks drivers whenever they would be travelling,” an official said.

“Companies are losing lots of monies because drivers are abusing vehicles through speeding, under speeding and or using vehicles for their personal interest.

“Management has no control over the fleet and they have limited ability to trace vehicles, but with this device, operational costs are controlled.”

The device reduces unnecessary fuel consumption and assesses the performance of the company drivers.

It allows the management to identify the location of vehicles in real time and gives notifications on driving behaviour such as harsh breaking and so on.

Through the system, the driver can press the panic button in case of emergency and get immediate assistance from the relevant authorities.

The installation fee for corporates is $100 per car and $20 monthly service fee whereas individuals are asked to pay an installation fee of $50 and $15 monthly subscription.


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