Schools sing for Joshua Nkomo


TWENTY-TWO schools from the country’s 10 provinces will battle it out in the National Association of Secondary Heads (Nash) choral music competition grand finale at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre this morning.


Tsholotsho High School headmaster Sicelo Dube, who doubles up as the Nash head in charge of choral music, said all was set for the competition. Dube said this year the competition was funded to the tune of $15 000 by the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Foundation.

“We normally have a budget of $6 000 for the competitions and this year we exceeded our budget,” he told journalists in Bulawayo.

“This has enabled us for the first time to have sponsorship at provincial level, $6 000 went to all the districts and helped with prizes and trophies.

“We have also received support from Choppies and Edgars who have supplied trophies.”The choirs arrived in Bulawayo yesterday and their first stop was at the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo’s statue.

They also toured the Joshua Mqabuko International Airport and the Joshua Mqabuko Museum.

Last year the competition was held at Gokomere High School in Masvingo and Tsholotsho High School from Matabeleland North were the winners.

Today the choirs will march from Nkomo’s statue in the city centre to the Amphitheatre before the competition begins.

The set-piece song is Joshua composed by Busani Nkomo, which speaks of the trials and tribulations of the veteran nationalist. Dube said the winning choir would receive $500 and a trophy.

The runners-up will get $450, $400 for the third-placed choir and fourth place price is $350. The fifth-placed choir will receive $300 and the rest will get $20 as aconsolation prizes.

“Choral music competitions have taken the whole country by storm and it is our desire to grow and be part of big competitions such as the Southern African choral music competitions,” Dube said.

“From the look of things this will be a goal we will reach in no time.”


  1. this was an interesting day for us although my school (Mosi Oa Tunya High School) was defeated as it was its first time to be participating in the Nationals.
    Chipadze High school was the winner of the competitions , as a chorister of Mosi School who has once competed with Tsholotsho High l thought it was (Tsholotsho) going to win as it has done in the past years.
    l participated too and when l just stepped on stage , l almost freaked because of fear as it was my first time to be in National Competitions of choir , our buddy school Mkosana Adventist Secondary took number 19 , as my School Mosi took number 20.
    But thanks that 2 Victoria Falls schools managed to compete in the NASH Competitions.

  2. tribalism ,hatred and corruption must stop in zimbabwe as they sang the joshua song i noticed that there were times father zim will get bored coz of what has been happening in zim . my point is there was some bit of corruption that happened that side but as a music lover i had to figure that out it WAS NOT FAIR THOSE WHO WERE THERE CAN CONFIRM.We expect better than what happened this year pliz NO PERSONALS PLIZ I REPEAT

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