Zinara warns of job advert scam


ZIMBABWE National Road Administration (Zinara) has warned members of the public to ignore vacancy advertisements circulating on social media platforms purporting to be from the organisation, advising that it was “scam designed to swindle jobseekers”.

Staff Reporter

In a statement, the organisation said it had been alerted that there were advertisements circulating online, claiming it was looking for tollgate attendants.

“Zinara would like to warn members of the public to ignore these messages, as it has not advertised for any vacancies,” the authority said.

“Zinara distances itself from these advertised vacancies.

“These advertised vacancies are just a scam designed to swindle jobseekers.”

The country has 22 tollgates. The government is planning to introduce more tollgates in urban areas to decongest cities, in particular Harare.

In developed nations, tollgate fees have helped decongest major cities, where the public use other models of transport.

But in Zimbabwe, the public is wary that the introduction of tollgates could result in abuse of the toll fees collected.

Tollgates were introduced in 2009 and were administered by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra).