Ex-Cop robs soldier of $520


AN ex-cop who robbed a soldier who was his friend of $520 last week appeared before a Western Commonage Magistrate Temba Chimiso facing a theft charge.


Godwin Mzhunduki denied the charges, claiming that his friend got too drunk and lent him the money the following morning.

According to Mzhunduki, his friend got drunk on pay day and put the cash on the table requesting that they count it and then he lent him the money on the basis it would be paid back within two months with interest.

“He was drunk and was displaying the money showing the people that he had been paid,” Mzhunduki said.

“I took the money home having realised he was at risk of being robbed. He then gave me $10 as a token of appreciation.

“I asked him to lend me $340 and he gave it to me and said I should pay back after two months with interest.”

Prosecutor Whatmore Tembo told the court that the ex-cop and his army friend Emmanuel Vaka went for a beer drink at Entumbane beer hall the day he got paid.

They knocked off late and they spent the night at Mzhunduki’s apartment at the men’s quarters at Entumbane Police Station.

After a long night of beer drinking, Vaka mentioned his plans of returning to Mbizo Barracks, where he works and was afraid of carrying his pay with him. He then left the money with his friend, hoping he would send it to him via Ecocash.

“I was afraid of being robbed since I was drunk and travelling at night, so I left my pay with him and never gave him the authority to squander it,” he said.

“I asked him to send me $20 the following day, which he did, but a misunderstanding arose when I told him to send $300 to my aunt to bail my brother who was held in custody in Zvishavane.”

Vaka, in his testimony, told the court that he returned to Entumbane after the misunderstanding and demanded his money, but his friend failed to give him all of it and instead gave him $180. The trial continues.