Grace not fit to criticise Mujuru

Grace Mugabe

THE POLITICAL muscle displayed by First Lady Grace Mugabe when she carried out her “meet the people tour” clearly shows how Zanu Pf is ignorant totally about how democracy works.

It shows clearly how Mugabe has managed to remain in power over the years.

First, we don’t see any other candidate contesting with Grace for the post of the women’s chairperson. Grace’s attitude displays that she has already secured the position.

Over the decades, President Robert Mugabe has faced no challenge and Grace is doing the same now.

People in his Zanu PF party have been totally afraid of Mugabe to such an extent that it was considered a taboo to suggest any other person in place of him.

In 2008, he extended this facility to the national level and contested alone for the presidency, having gone unchallenged in his own Zanu PF party.

Very few in Zanu PF are ready to challenge Grace. She derives her immense power by virtue of being Mugabe’s wife.

All husbands try to please their wives in different ways and it seems Mugabe has decided to make his wife happy by giving power to demean and taunt Zanu PF elite and everyone else in front of the superfluously patriotic ZBC and The Herald and Sunday Mail.

It seems Mugabe, old and unable to govern, is transferring his powers to Grace. Grace has said it in no uncertain terms; that she instructed Mugabe to elevate Joice Mujuru to the vice-president’s post.

Having done this in silence, now she is demoting her with thunder and on stage. I wonder what’s wrong with the earlier avenue of instructing Mugabe to demote her.

She decided to do it alone. Maybe by being silent, Mujuru realises since it was Grace who “promoted” her, she could also demote her.

Or maybe she wants to speak, but the State-controlled media chooses carefully who to offer the microphone and bring to the limelight.

Many people in Zimbabwe know that these vice-presidential posts have never been awarded based on merit.

Mujuru may also be afraid of opening her mouth, lest she says something foolish. On the very last two occasions she really regretted talking.

Mujuru’s rival Justice minister Emmerson Munangagwa may be celebrating. If he does not have a hand in this Grace drama, still he will benefit handsomely if Grace presses her husband to ditch Mujuru. Mujuru’s demise guarantees Mnangagwa the presidency when Mugabe leaves office.

However, the brutality or the heartlessness which Grace is exhibiting in dealing with Mrs Mujuru is typical of Munangagwa.

Grace is not fit castigate Mujuru on matters relating to corruption and diamond mining in Marange. When it comes to these two vices, both are sailing in the same boat. It’s just like one thief calling the other one a thief.

Now that Grace has confessed to be in direct reign or actually in charge of Mugabe, she may also be the one who influenced him to carry out the chaotic and homicidal farm invasions which resulted in the total collapse of the economy.

Mugabe sulked when people rejected the constitution to have him acquire land in the 2000 referendum. People remember how Ahab sulked when Naboth refused to sell him his vineyard.

His wife the queen, evil Jezebel, then organised the murder of Naboth that resulted in Ahab annexing the deceased’s estate. Well, in accordance with Nathan’s prophetic words, dogs devoured Jezebel by the walls of Jezreel.

The prophets of that day spoke God’s word. They were not afraid to rebuke the king and when he did wrong they reprimanded him for it.

But today here in Zimbabwe prophets speak presumptuously and are afraid to condemn vile leaders. Some prophets actually urge bad leaders like Mugabe by saying he was chosen by God.

Some prophets actually give him gifts. They value their life and possessions more than the truth.

They try to mislead the people. John the Baptist was beheaded for reproaching Herod’s unlawful marriage. Anything familiar?

Mujuru may be suffering at the hands of Grace not for the farms confiscated by the First Lady, but for other reasons.

She may have overstepped on Graces’s diamond claims. It all leaves Zimbabwe speculating.

The two at one time enjoyed a very cordial relationship and all of a sudden the friendship disintegrates. If Grace accuses Mujuru of being corrupt, she must say what exactly she did.

People of Zimbabwe have the right to know. She knows what Mujuru did, but she does not want to say it. It is not enough for her to just say Mujuru is corrupt.

Corruption has destroyed the economy and the people of Zimbabwe cannot afford to ignore people like Grace with such good leads.

If Grace hopes to be a good leader, then these are some of the corruption cases she must bring to light to the generality of Zimbabweans.

Unless Grace wants to take the whole nation for granted, or to be her stooges also, then she may chant about corruption of her once best friend, the details of which, she does not want to divulge.