Mugabe responsible for the deadwood


President Robert Mugabe is one politician who does not run out of excuses for his dismal performances as head of State and government.

If he is not blaming droughts, Mugabe would be blaming sanctions for the sorry state the once prosperous Zimbabwean economy is in.

During the lifespan of the inclusive government, the president who has been in power since 1980 would blame his partners from the opposition for his administration’s poor delivery.

Last year, he promised Zimbabweans that his Zanu PF party would deliver on its promises if it was given the mandate to rule alone.

Voters under very controversial circumstances duly gave Zanu PF the mandate to rule for the next five years.

Again citizens were sold dreams when Zanu PF gave the Zimbabwe Agenda Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).

ZimAsset was touted as the panacea for the soaring unemployment rate as Zanu PF promised two million jobs.

Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate is believed to be above 85% and companies continue to shed jobs every day.

The blueprint promised all sorts of other near miraculous deliverables on the economic front.

However, a year after its introduction, Mugabe came clean on Tuesday when he admitted that the implementation of ZimAsset is in limbo because his ministers are lazy.

Mugabe publicly complained that ministers in his Cabinet are mainly preoccupied with travel and hosting of conferences that do little to stimulate the economy. The president was talking about ministers he appointed hardly a year ago.

Some of them he recycled from his inaugural Cabinet in 1980 because like him, they do not know when to give way for fresh blood.

At the same function, Mugabe bemoaned attempts by some of his lieutenants to challenge him ahead of the Zanu PF congress in December.

The president, at 90, should consider giving way for people with energy to supervise a Cabinet with a clear mandate to deliver.

He should stop moaning about the nonperformance of people he keeps rehiring after every election ritual. The buck stops with Mugabe as the captain of the ship and no amount of public lamentations will wash away that responsibility.