Khuxxman prepares to drop another one


FRESH from a Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) gong, Bulawayo’s king of house music Khulekani Bethule, aka Khuxxman, is preparing to unleash another block buster.


Khuxxman won the best house album award for his Vumelani Sangoma album last week.

The rising star, with six albums under his belt, said he expected to finish work on the new material by the end of the week. His first extended play (EP) will contain only four songs.Khuxxman

“We are currently mixing and mastering in the studio,” Khuxxman told Southern Eye Lifestyle.

“I am pushing that by the end of this week we would be done. I saw that you waste a lot of material when you do a full album.

“My album Vumelani Sangoma had 10 tracks, but I noticed that people only knew one or two songs from it.”

In the new project, Khuxxman will collaborate with some of Bulawayo’s famed artistes such as DJ Skaiva, Mlue Smartology, Mthabisi a guitarist working with Jeyz Marabini, Khotso from Djembe Monks and Dudu from Nobuntu a cappella group.

“I have not done a project alone ever since I started my music career,” he said.

“I collaborate with other artistes. If you work alone songs end up being monotonous. You need that diversity in your music.

“They bring in a different feel to music than you already have.”

The tracks in the new EP would be Makoti, Umzwazwa, UMzilikazi Liqhawe and an instrumental. Khuxxman said the new offering would have folklore and wedding songs.

“My mission is to modernise our traditional and folklore songs,” he said.

“There are no elderly people nowadays to tell these stories to our children and, therefore, it is up to us as artistes to tell them through our music.

“I want to present them in an interesting manner which appeals to youngsters.”

Khuxxman and Obadiah Matulana were the only artistes from Matabeleland to walk away with Zima awards this year.

Matulana won the best engineer of the year for a great job he did in his album, Isimbadzu/Chimbadzo.