Zimura to tighten screws

Zimura executive director Polisile Ncube

The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) says it is in the process of acquiring state-of-the-art monitoring recording equipment to stop radio and television stations from evading payment of royalties.


Most artistes have accused local radio stations and the State-owned ZBCtv of not paying royalties.

Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura)
Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura)

Zimura executive director Polisile Ncube said they were looking for a “log sheets-controlling machine” that would monitor radio and TV stations.

She said Zimura had engaged an overseas company to assist in the project.

Ncube said the equipment would ensure that radio and television stations did not produce false log sheets in order to rob artistes.

“The log sheets-controlling machine that will monitor radio and TV stations will be functional as of January next year,” she said.

“We have engaged an overseas company, which we cannot name at the moment.

“We have had a challenge in the past of fake log sheets, which do not indicate the truth. We will, therefore, get the log sheets from the machine and from the radio stations and if there are any discrepancies we will sort that out with the radio stations.”

Ncube urged artistes to register with Zimura.

“Those who are not registered with us will still receive their royalties, but at a cost since we do the work for them,” she said.

“Registering will not only help with royalties, but will benefit artistes with other services we offer such as a funeral scheme, assisting with contracts between artistes and promoters and workshops to educate artistes about our services and their rights .

“Music is like any other business and should be treated as such.”

One of Bulawayo’s most prominent artistes, Khulekani Bethule aka Khuxxman, said he had managed to get his royalties after he joined Zimura.


“I thank the Zimura committee for their work,” he said.

“In June I was awarded my royalties.

“I urge other artistes, especially the upcoming ones, not to brag to their friends that their music is played on radio, but to register with Zimura and enjoy the benefits.”