Girl (11) found with used condoms


AN 11-year-old Nkulumane girl has filed rape charges against her two lovers (names withheld) who are friends after she was caught in possession of used condoms in her primary school uniform pockets.


This came to light when the grandmother of the child (name withheld) found two used condoms in her granddaughter’s pockets after she left for school.

An ‘A’ Level student at Foundation College appeared before the Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Chipumha-Dube facing charges of rape after being involved in a relationship with the Grade 5 pupil and having sexual intercourse with her.

He was remanded out of custody on bail, while the other lover is still at large.

The court heard that the student proposed love to the girl when they met at Sokusile shopping centre in Nkulumane and she accepted.

The next morning the girl met him on her way to school and he asked to have sex with her after school.

They met at 9pm and had sex in an open space between some houses.

The girl’s 74-year-old granny discovered used condoms in her pockets and followed her to school.

“I asked her about the condoms and she said she had picked them up by the gate,” the granny said.

For the State, Kingston Mukanganwi told the court that the two had sex several times, until the boy told his friend about the affair.

On being questioned, the girl revealed she had also slept with his friend.

She said she did not know where he lived or his full name, except that he would pick her up with his car and have sex in it.

“I was in a relationship with both of them,” the girl told the court.

The girl also informed a neighbour about her sexual escapades, pointing out who she was sleeping with during church services.

“She used to show me several guys from church that she claimed to be having sexual relations with and most of them were grown men,” the neighbour said.

“I could not criticise her because she said I must not judge her.”