Musicians battle for the Ebola song

Joyous Celebration director Lindelani Mkhize

IN separate recording studios and separate songs, three groups of international musicians have harnessed the power of their voices to help raise awareness of Ebola.

One song, titled Africa Stop Ebola, captures the rhythms and atmosphere of Africa. The song is a message to citizens about what they can do to help stop the spread of Ebola in Africa.

In South Africa, Joyous Celebration founder Lindelani Mkhize, gathered other artists to sing a cover version of We are the World to help raise much-needed funds to fight Ebola.

However, the queen of gospel, Rebecca Malope, has added her piece saying that African artists should stop using Michael Jackson’s song We Are The World in their projects and compose their own songs and should work on their own.

Then there’s the more famous Ebola song that’s at the top of the charts in Britain: Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Bob Geldof and a group of mostly British artists, recording under the name Band Aid.

Carlos Chirinos, a specialist in music and media says the song is well-intentioned, but perpetuates a negative image. “It’s using certain language that still denigrates Africa,” he says.

– Sunday World

Rebecca Malope
Rebecca Malope