Team spirit prevailed at Region 5 games

Nonto Masuku

THE 2014 African Union Sports Council Region 5 Under-20 Youth Games have come and gone.

I would like to applaud all those who worked tirelessly to make these games a success. This encompasses organisers, passionate competitors, and the Bulawayo community at large.

Despite some obvious logistical glitches here and there, in my humble opinion, I believe the games were a success.

My family and I attended a few basketball games. The atmosphere was electric. People came out in their numbers to watch and support Zimbabwe. Songs were chanted by both the young and the old.


Players themselves pulled out all the stops for their various teams. The community indeed seemed to be focused on one goal, to “Reach for Greatness”. I felt proud to be Zimbabwean.

One of the lessons that stood out for me during these games is the importance of teamwork.

When people work as a team- together everyone achieves more.

As I watched the basketball players play, the greatest results were achieved when the players played as a team by passing the ball to each other rather than when one player tried to claim the limelight by clinging onto the ball.

When it came to the Zimbabwean supporters, the electric atmosphere was created because they all chose to sing or chant one particular song at a time. Had each individual decided to sing their own at any one point, it would have been chaotic.

I came across an acronym for teamwork, which I would like to share with you. I feel that it is quite appropriate for this post-games period.

Teamwork stands for:
Take time to develop a common purpose,

Establish a set of common goals,

Allow everyone to contribute,

Monitor the product and process,

Welcome new ideas,

Openly address problems,

Review progress to ensure accountability,

Keep a positive attitude —celebrate success.

It is my hope that after these games, the organisers will learn from their accomplishments and mistakes made. I hope that they will remember the acronym for teamwork and apply it in future events.

As professionals and businesspeople we can also take the lessons learnt about teamwork and apply them in our workplaces. Together everyone achieves more.

Nonto Masuku is a partner of an image and reputation management firm.