Steelmakers to generate 18MW


REDCLIFF — Kwekwe-based Steelmakers says it will from next year generate 18 megawatts (MW) from industrial waste gas to mitigate regular power cuts and reduce overheads after acquiring new technology.

General manager Alexander Johnson said the move to generate own electricity was driven by a desire to reduce high overheads which have had an impact on steel prices against soaring power costs for its plant which produces 30 000 tonnes of steel per annum.

“This project will generate electricity from waste gases to the tune of 18MW (per month),” Johnson said. “Additional energy required for operations of the steel plant will also be generated through separate coal injection.”

The 18MW will be enough to meet the requirements of the plant, Johnson added, enabling Steelmakers to be more competitive in the region.

He did not say where Steelmakers is importing the machinery from, but said it will use waste gases from industrial steel production.

— The Source