Whawha FC to know fate today


CENTRAL Region Division One League champions Whawha Football Club will today know if they will be taking part in the Castle Larger Premier Soccer League (PSL) next season.


Whawha FC and Flame Lily were champions in the Central and Northern Region Division One leagues, but their sponsors, the Prisons Correctional Services have said they will not be able to sponsor two teams in the top- flight league and will be dropping one.

They will be meeting with their sponsors in Harare on Friday. Whawha FC chairperson Musa Ntonga yesterday said she was not yet in a position to pre-empt the team’s preparations for their maiden appearance in the top-flight until Friday.

“That is not the position we are in at the moment. I cannot say we will not participate. There is a meeting on Friday in Harare which involves both clubs and Prison Correctional Services management. About our preparations for next season, I will comment after the Friday meeting,” Ntonga said.

Both Whawha and Flame Lily are the first Prison Correctional Services sides to be promoted to the elite league.

Ntonga added that soon after winning the Central Region Division One League they tasked the technical team to scout for players as they were looking forward to bolster their squad for the coming season.

The Prison Services side kept faith in their coach Luke “Jukulile” Petros who helped them write their own piece of history.