Hubby sentenced for assaulting wife


A VICTORIA Falls man was last week found guilty on allegations of assaulting his wife after she caught him cheating.

Ruth Ngwenya
Own Correspondent

Busani Sibindi (41) pleaded guilty to the domestic violence charges for assaulting his wife, Molly Ncube (52) when he appeared before resident magistrate, Sharon Rosemani.

“She followed me to where l was with another woman,” he said in his defence.

“I wanted to leave the place, but she wanted us to talk there, I got angry that she was causing a scene and slapped her.”

It was the State’s case that on December 11, at around 7.30pm the accused received a phone call from his lover and then went out with his friend.

The complainant became suspicious and followed Sibindi until he entered into a tuckshop at Chinotimba market.

Ncube waited outside the tuckshop for an hour.

She then decided to go inside, where she found the accused naked with his lover.

The complainant got hold of Sibindi’s hand and that is when the accused slapped her and fled from the scene.

However, Ncube said she had since reconciled with her husband and he had also apologised for cheating on her.

In coming up with the sentence, Rosemani said she considered that the accused is a first offender, pleaded guilty to the charges and showed remorse for his actions.

She also added that the complainant has forgiven him.

“In aggravation l considered the circumstances under which the incident happened,” Rosemani said.

“You were cheating on your wife and when she caught you instead of apologising, you assaulted her, which is indecent behaviour.”

Sibindi was sentenced to complete 70 hours community service at Victoria Falls Hospital.