Ncipa concludes workshop


RHYTHM CITY actress and film producer Zintle Ncipa last week concluded a series of workshops for young and aspiring young professional actors, producers, writers and directors in Bulawayo.


Ncipa sought to instil some self-belief in the participants taking them through various phases of acting and characterisation. She urged actors to plant memories and to have a back story because there was always a story behind any story.


“Do it such that no one else can take your part. Be able to look at certain things to create your character, thus create a human being from the script and the character. You must notice different things in the script,” Ncipa said.

As part of characterisation, participants were urged to ask themselves questions when reading the script and to write down the answers.

“In building a character, it is of paramount importance to ask your self-questions and write down the answers yourself; questions like who am I, so that you are aware of the behavioural pattern of the character,” she added.