All set for City of Kings shutdown

DJ Mzoe

A HOST of local DJs will converge at one of the city’s popular club joints for a massive gig dubbed City of Kings and Queens Shutdown on New Year’s eve.


Club Forty-40 will host the party from 6pm on Wednesday until the early hours of New Year’s Day on Thursday with the DJs offering a variety of tastes displaying their skills on the turntables.

The event will bring together some of the upcoming and best DJs that specialise in different genrés. Speaking to the Southern Eye Lifestyle, Club Forty-40 entertainment manager Sibanengi Dube, aka DJ Mzoe, said the main reason for the event was to bid farewell to the year 2014 and welcome 2015 in style as well as providing a platform for a mix of DJs to showcase their talent under one roof.

“We will be having fireworks and fire crackers on the night. We will be saying goodbye 2014 and thanking God for the protection and love he has showed us.

This will be a very special day as we also want to welcome 2015 in style. The upcoming and old DJs will mingle on the day so that each may get a chance to showcase the talents they have,” Dube said.

“The other unique thing about this event is that DJs will celebrate the night as they will be playing songs from different genrés that were hits from January 2014 to December.

“We will play all the hits from both local and international to spice up the night.”

Dube said the DJs would play different genrés such as Zim dancehall, reggae, hip-hop, house and Kwaito.

Among some top Bulawayo DJs expected to perform are Ash T, Mzoe, Theo and Teflon.