Playwrights disband meetings


THE Zimbabwe Theatre Association (ZiTA) has pulled the plug on its Friday reading round-table that brought together playwrights, directors, actors and producers to create plays due to a poor response.


ZiTA national co-ordinator Mgcini Nyoni told Southern Eye Lifestyle that the programme was launched in October 2014, but they have been forced to halt it because there was no enthusiasm from Bulawayo artistes.

“When we introduced the unfunded initiative, there were no inquiries about the programme itself, its short and long-term objectives, but there were inquiries about whether or not there would be transport allowances for those who were ‘interested’. Isn’t the fact that there was no participation fee being charged enough motivation?” Nyoni said.

“One or two people would attend the meetings and we then decided to stop the programme. Is there any chance of unfunded initiatives being a success in Zimbabwe? If not, what does that say about the future of theatre in Zimbabwe?

“Any play creation programme has to run for many months for it to have any tangible outcomes and donor funding cannot be expected to cover 100% of the costs,” he said.

Nyoni said playwrights, theatre directors, producers, actors and theatre lovers would meet for two hours to read excerpts of plays, share ideas of plays being created or plays to be created every Friday afternoon.

Discussions were designed to help shape the works in progress. A few works would be showcased every fourth Friday to the group and a few invited audience members.

It- was aimed at helping the works in progress to grow into full standard plays.