Poly enrols Equatorial Guinea students


THE government has prevailed on Bulawayo Polytechnic College to enrol students from Equatorial Guinea this month, despite the college only having an intake in September.


The students, with little or no English skills are enrolled at the School of Hospitality and Tourism (Schoto).

“We have students from Equatorial Guinea who arrived early this week,” Innocent Nezunagi, the school’s director said yesterday.

“As we speak right now some of our colleagues are taking them through the paces where they are being inducted into the system while some of them are finalising their registration process.”

Schoto is a division of the Bulawayo Polytechnic and is the biggest hotel school in Zimbabwe.

Nezunagi said the students who arrived at the beginning of the week would train for five years. Despite claims that they were forced to enrol the students, Nezunagi said this was part of their efforts to spread tentacles across the continent.

“The group that we are having from Equatorial Guinea are students who have been attracted to study in the country through the regional outreach programme that we are still rolling out to various parts of the continent,” he said.

Nezunagi said they sought to share ideas with various students from different countries so that the current crop, who are already in the system, could mix and mingle so that they could share various experiences, which would help them understand other peoples’ cultures, which is of paramount importance in any hotel industry.

“Our own students will also benefit because the hotel industry requires one to be diverse in terms of thinking and understanding other people’s cultures,” he said.

“So when they mix and mingle with students from other countries, as a school, we would always produce students of high quality who could work with people of different backgrounds, as they would have acquired skills during their training process.”

Last year the school attracted students from Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their vision is to reach most parts of Africa as far as the hotel and tourism industry is concerned.