BOSSO ELECTIONS- I still have a lot to offer: Moyo

Charles Moyo

DESPITE facing a number of challenges during his tenure as Highlanders committee member, Charles Moyo — popularly known as “Six-One” — says he believes he still  has a lot  to offer if he is re-elected into the Bosso executive.


Moyo is facing challenge from Cleopas Ngano, Wisdom Mabhena and Faith Silandulo Dube in the elections to be held at the Highlanders clubhouse on Sunday.

Southern Eye Sport spoke to Moyo on how he feels ahead of  the elections as he seeks a new term.

“It is very tough being a member of the Highlanders executive, especially when things are not going well,” he said.

“You have to work hard because it is not  easy. When someone is not in the executive, they think it is an easy task. It is not easy work. It needs a lot of commitment and hard work.

“I’m happy to have been part of the executive. I have learnt  that you have to put in maximum effort if you are in the executive committee. With the knowledge and  experience I have gained, I can still contribute to the club positively.”

He said if elected he would mentor a person to succeed him.

“I have learnt a lot during my tenure at Highlanders,” he said.

“If I am elected, I would want to do something that would make Highlanders go forward. I would want to mentor someone.

“We have to work together for the good of the club. If  I am re-elected, I would want to have someone who is dedicated, interested and has the club at heart  learn  from what I do.”

Moyo said  during his tenure he had learnt that the role of a committee member requires major interpersonal skills as his role was to be a bridge between the executive, players, members and supporters.

“I have the ability to listen to others and I am flexible where necessary,” he said.

“I’m honest and objective all the time. I am humble and I can work with others as a team, and take collective responsibility. Those inter-personal skills required are found in mature characters.

“In general maturity is associated with age. I feel I am of the right age to stabilise the Highlanders system in all fronts.”

He noted some of the problems they have faced as an executive.

“The major challenge is that there are members who say Highlanders belongs to us (executive),” he said.

“You would find that they want to bulldoze and gain free entry into the stadium. Those are the same people who will be saying there is no money at the club yet they do not want to pay to watch matches.”