Short courses for DJs on offer


INGWE Studios in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Academy of Music is set to offer short courses for DJs with successful candidates being awarded recognised certificates.


The courses will run for two months from March 1 and will include sound production and engineering.Ingwe Studios director Zenzele Ndebele said the courses would be held every day and open to those interested in disc jockeying.

“In 2013, Ingwe Studios offered such courses and this time around we have decided to partner with the Zimbabwe Academy of Music,” he said.

DJs who will participate-in-the-course-will-be-taught-sound-production-and-engineering
DJs who will participate in the course will be taught sound production and engineering.

“We feel working with Zimbabwe Academy of Music will add weight to the certificates that will be given to the DJs.

“Equipment is available for them and those who want to do the course will only pay $250 for the two months.

“We will teach them how to market their work as many have the art, but fail to market it.”

Ndebele said they would introduce classes to teach people how to use social media, especially older people that have smartphones.

“A few old people can operate social networks and Ingwe Studios would like to help teach them how to utilise them,” he said.

“We will teach the youths some skills on how to be creative since it’s so hard finding employment these days.”

He said they would teach artistes how to market their work online since only a few of them had videos on YouTube.