Being successful without being a genius

Moses Tshimukeni Mahlangu

PASTOR Randy Skeete identifies seven principles that can catapult one who is not a genius to success. These principles are Skeete’s formula for success.

The principles are a clear purpose or goal-specific activities for each day, doing what needs to be done when it is due, evaluate what has been done, keeping time, thoroughness in whatever one does, doing everything to the glory of God. According to Skeete, the said principles are premised on the Bible, making them divine principles for success.

God informs Jeremiah that before he was conceived, before there was a substance to create him, he chose him to be a prophet to the people.

The purpose for Jeremiah’s existence could not be captured any better, Jeremiah 1: 1,5. Further in Genesis 1: 14 and
Isaiah 45: 18 God’s purposes are made clear. In other words, when one’s life contradicts the intended purposes, that life would be fraudulent.

An athlete worth his or her salt will conduct their lifestyle and habits in a manner that enhances own’s chosen vision. The purpose in one’s life is the point of departure for every other undertaking.

Having clearly identified one’s purpose, the next step would be to list specific activities for each day. The creation story buttresses this principle.

Light was created first, followed by the firmament, vegetation and the sun to name a few. This order of events was informed by priority needs. Before vegetation could grow there was need to separate waters leaving the soil in place.

In addition, vegetation needs the sun for photosynthesis and latter on when animals came into the picture, grass and water was available for them.

Genesis 1:3,20. Each day of creation had its specific activity.

Doing what needs to be done when it should be done is principle three. In the fullness of time Jesus was born. At the wedding in Cana and Galilee, Jesus told his mother that he had nothing to do with the finished wine.

On another occasion he refused to be brought into family squabbles, Luke 12:13,14. Academic students can get a leaf from this principle.

An assignment due today must be diligently disposed of that self-same day. Failure to do so leads to confusion and being overwhelmed.

Skeete would say put on your PhD glasses. Your vision glasses will inform you that partying is not priority, but applying oneself to hard study.

After having religiously executed principles one to three, evaluation comes fourth. In other words valuation is stock taking, matching the current with one’s vision. God reflected on his creation, it was very good.

In contrast at one point men became very wicked, Genesis 1:3, 6:5. What is it that makes you less inclined towards your vision? Is it a relationship, a lifestyle or a commitment to something else? Do you still want to be that professional or commoner?

Time keeping is one of God’s most important attributes. Sarah conceived at the appointed time. Jesus was born at the fullness of time, the Israelites left Egypt exactly at the expiration of 430 years, that self same day, Genesis 18:10, 14, 15:14-16, Exodus 12:40, Galatians 4:4.

A good time keeper creates reliability around oneself. The wisest king Solomon and the most foolish man of that time both operated within the day’s 24 hour confines, yet the outcomes differ materially.

Thoroughness is scarce nowadays. Whatsoever, your hand finds, do it to your best ability. A striking example is that of Booker Washington.

On arriving at Hampton Institute after 400 miles of walking, he admired students in class through the window. An observant teacher asked Booker of his intentions “I am in dire need of education” was the answer.

Booker was assigned to go and clean an office. On coming to inspect the office, the teacher used a snow white handkerchief to check for dust and the handkerchief came out clean.

Thoroughness earned Booker a place in the institute, Ecclesiastes 9:10 Prov 1:7 Students are reminded that the results script is a reflection of who the student is.

The secret for success is loving whatever you do. In everything you embark on look for God in it. In physics, biology, mathematics and accounting – see natural and spiritual laws at play with the omnipotent hand in control.

In conclusion, the intention is to have a life that glorifies God. Allow nothing to divert your focus. Human mind needs a thorough squeeze, if it were to concentrate on a chosen vision. God deserves the best from us owing to the fact that he gave us the best in the person of Jesus I Corinthians 10:31.

When in doubt refer to these divine principles:
Clear purpose,

Specific activities for each day,

Do what is to be done when it is due,


Keep time,

Be thorough,

Do everything and anything to the Glory of God. Like for Jeremiah, God has a specific purpose for you and me.

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