Woman turns suicidal after ex-lover abuse


A VICTORIA FALLS woman has revealed how she has contemplated suicide because she can no longer take the abuse she is being submitted to by her ex-lover.


Susan Ncube from Chinotimba Township said she was afraid of her former lover, William Chirimuta, a serial criminal who is in remand prison facing accusations of unlawful entry.

Ncube has since approached the courts seeking a peace order against ger ex-boyfriend, who she said she never wants to see again.

“I am scared of Chirimuta because he is so abusive and l do not want him to come to my place,” she pleaded.

“I stayed with him for the past two years and five months. He would kick, threaten and call me a b*tch in public.”

While she has had a temporary reprieve with Chirimuta’s detention, Ncube said she fears that when he is released he would harass her again.

“As he is currently in custody facing a different case, my fear is that when he is released he might come anytime to my place to harass me as he did last time when he was released,” she said.

“This might lead to my taking my life because I am tired of his abuse and that is why I am applying for a protection order”
Ncube said Chirimuta assaults her with slaps and fists, while also spewing unprintable words about her mother’s private parts.

She accused him of tormenting her at her workplace, where he would insult and shout at her employers.

“He would sexually abuse me sometimes forcing me to sleep with him even when l am on my periods,” Ncube said.

“In most cases he would leave me and stay with other women then come back and l would always forgive him and then he would start assaulting me again.”

She told the court that at one time, her lover had burnt all her clothes.

However, Chirimuta defended himself saying Ncube had made his life miserable because she is violent.

“I am in pain right now because she pulled my private parts,” he shot back.

“Ncube also lied about her HIV status and she would let us have unprotected sex when she knew that she was positive.

“I went to her house last time when I was released because we had reconciled during that time and I had left my clothes there and I found some of them missing.”

Chirimuta said the court could go ahead and grant Ncube the protection order, as it was clear he was unwelcome at her home.

Magistrate Sharon Rosemani granted the protection order, stating that Chirimuta must not go to Ncube’s residence or have any communication with her, while she should return her ex-boyfriend’s property.


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