Celebration of love, peace, happiness


THIS Saturday the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Centre in Suburbs, Bulawayo, will be celebrating Shiv Jayanti or Shiv Ratri.


The importance of this festival lies in that it commemorates the incarnation of the Supreme Soul (God, Allah, Jehovah, Jah, Shiva) in a physical body on this earth, a moment which all religions expect to come, though it is mentioned that few will recognise.

The expectation from this event is that an enormous shift from our current degraded state in the world to restoration of its former heavenly condition will occur.

For this to happen a change in consciousness and behaviour has to be implemented by responsible individuals who have the qualities of discipline, determination, dedication and an interest in the divine.

World Cycle

The word Shiva means benefactor so the period which commences with the event of God’s coming is a benevolent age. Shiv Ratri is translated as the night of Shiva, in other words the time at which the benevolence of God is obscured by the darkness of the age otherwise known as the Iron Age. Currently we are nearing the end of the Iron Age, the age of unrighteousness.

However, Shiv jayanti means the birth of Shiva, the commencement of the age of benevolence, the end of the impure age, an event which can only take place with the advent of God on earth.

Man’s degraded condition of impurity means that there is no physical personality present who can salvage humanity. It is God’s task.

This task is accomplished firstly by his descent into the corporeal medium of Brahma Baba which took place between 1936 and 1969. The rejuvenation is through divinising the intellect with the wisdom given at this time.

Change, therefore, is not instant, but depends on man being able to implement God’s supreme directions and dedicate himself to self transformation.

This year’s celebration introduces souls to how to meditate, meditation being the tool to alter thought patterns hence alter one’s attitude. When the attitude changes the vibrations created and the atmosphere also change.

If we have positive thoughts our attitude is powerful, vibrations are powerful and the atmosphere is powerful. This attracts positivity.

In other words, thoughts are a powerful generator. Likewise negative thoughts work in an absolutely negative way and attract negativity.

The programme, Unlocking the Mysteries to the Divine, will include entertainment, an enlightening talk, one soul’s experiences, a video clip and refreshments all of which are effective in uplifting the soul and helpful in restoring peace, purity and prosperity.

For centuries man has built temples and churches for God and searched for him on pilgrimages, on mountains, on personal travels yet man continues in his descent becoming more and more impure and less able to discriminate.

He has become accustomed to anger, violence, corruption, etc as being “normal”. Yet our original self is powerful, pure, happy, loving and peaceful.

Our original condition and form is of divine light, a shining star. We are subtle, eternal, divine beings of light. However having lived through the world cycle we have lost our divinity and are like old batteries running on reserve.

Sometime within the world cycle according to our destiny we descend from this pure world onto the world stage, the corporeal world, taking bodies and playing our part. One can see it as a vast drama.

The main actors in the play of life appear on the world stage at the beginning and play their role throughout the cycle transmigrating from one body to another. There are then some actors who have small roles and only appear later in the cycle.

If we look at the increase in the world population we can know that many souls are descending for limited roles at the end of the cycle.

At the end of the cycle we return to the original home. However, in order to do that we have to be free from the strings of attachment and ignorance and re-established in our purity, loving kindness and bliss Godlike condition.