Khupe under fire as MDC-T cracks widen


FRESH cracks are set to rock the MDC-T Bulawayo province amid reports that members are pushing for the ouster of vice-president Thokozani Khupe, but the party is adamant that there is no leadership crisis.

Chief Reporter

MDC-T officials told Southern Eye that Khupe angered members, with claims she was plotting against party president Morgan Tsvangirai.

Officials added the drive was mainly from the women’s assembly, which is reportedly crying foul over lack of access to project funds.

“The silence within the province should not be mistaken to mean all is well and members are united,” a party official said.

“Members are busy plotting against each other, with Khupe being the prime target for now.”

The official said party members were fed up with what they called divisive elements, who wanted to remove Tsvangirai.

“The women’s assembly, a key structure in the party, is accusing Khupe of stalling disbursements of funds and channelling them towards removing Tsvangirai,” the source said.

“We have stated it before and we will repeat it here and now, there’s absolutely no tension in the leadership of the MDC-T,” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu

“It’s a serious issue and we would have wished that she be suspended pending investigations.”

Khupe has been reported to be consolidating her power since the October 2014 elective congress at which her allies snapped up top posts.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu denied reports of a rift in the party, reiterating that the leadership is “solidly united behind the visionary and charismatic leadership of Tsvangirai”.

“We have stated it before and we will repeat it here and now, there’s absolutely no tension in the leadership of the MDC-T,” he said.

“Whoever is peddling those false, malicious and divisive rumours is obviously an enemy of the party.”

Gutu said the party yesterday held a meeting of the national standing committee, which Khupe attended and there were no discussions on the said fallout.

The MDC-T spokesperson said reports of Khupe’s ouster were generated by Zanu PF, which he said “is desperate to create fictional and non-existent divisions among the leadership of the MDC-T in a desperate, but futile attemp to weaken and ultimately destroy the people’s project”.

“Our party cadrés are acutely aware of the evil machinations by Zanu PF spin doctors working in cahoots with the Central Intelligence Organisation, to derail the unstoppable democratic train that is being driven by Morgan Tsvangirai,” Gutu said.

There have been a number of reports of a fallout between Tsvangirai and some of his top lieutenants, among them Khupe, over allegations that some party members were plotting Tsvangirai’s ouster.


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