ECONET Wireless is targeting over 1,6 million of its customers to benefit from a platinum programme introduced for its most loyal clients.


Econet general manager for platinum services Fungai Mandiveyi told Southern Eye Business on the sidelines of the company’s platinum evening where customers selected for the package were treated to a dinner at a Bulawayo hotel last week that the giant telecoms firm wanted all its loyal subscribers to benefit from this package.

“There is no specific figure but the rule where 80% of a company’s revenue comes from 20% of its customers will help us identify clients for the platinum service. Our strategy is to reward them because they are giving us the most business,” Mandiveyi said.

The mobile service provider has between eight and nine million subscribers countrywide and 20% of these would amount to more than 1,6 million platinum clients.

Holders of the loyalty card will get preferential access to some Econet services, Econet shops and call centres.

“The first platinum shop in the whole country was the one we opened at Bradfield (Bulawayo) and we have a vision to add more counters offering the service around the city and country.

“However, I think it would please customers to know that we have been held back by our intention to revamp and upgrade most of our shops, so we felt it was not prudent to set up a platinum counter for example at the Robert Mugabe Way shop and dismantle it in a short space of time,” Mandiveyi said.

More platinum shops are dotted around the country in places such as Gweru, Masvingo and Avondale in Harare.

He said members would get exclusive access to some packages from partner companies such as Avis car hire, Zimoco (a company that sells and services luxury cars locally), African Sun Hotels, Edgars, TM Supermarkets, Steward Bank as well as to transact outside the country.

The platinum service comes with a MasterCard to facilitate transactions.

Mandiveyi said the platinum service succeeded the business partner select.

“This is a package targeted at platinum customers, which bundles together exciting value laden packages for this type of customer. People should not confuse the two; the platinum club is a group of top loyal customers while the premium service is a product targeted at this group of customers,” he added.