Jabulani Sibanda lashes out at Zanu PF

“Most of the policies in Zanu PF are good, but they have been betrayed and made to serve the few and these are the core issues why they are purging me.” Jabulani Sibanda
President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

FORMER war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda has urged Zimbabweans to pray for divine intervention to put an end to a “dirty corrupt lot” in Zanu PF oppressing fellow countrymen and looting State resources.


Sibanda claimed President Robert Mugabe is now surrounded by corrupt “weevils” that have hijacked Zanu PF, and persecuted the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo during the 1980s.

The firebrand ex-war veterans’ leader took a swipe at the Christopher Mutsvangwa-led association, describing it as a militia created by the army to oppress ordinary Zimbabweans.

“Actually corruption, permitted corruption, has created a ruling class in this country,” he said in a wide ranging interview.

“Zanu PF is no longer led by ordinary people, but by individuals that are able to buy votes out of ill-gotten wealth.

“I urge our people to continue praying. Those that can fast will have to do so because God has a way to put this to an end.

“We can only find the way to end this if we seek spiritual eyes and find determination and courage to save the revolution and our country, and contribute to the peace in Africa and to the world.”

Sibanda was expelled from Zanu PF and deposed as war veterans’ chairperson during a purge targeting suspected allies of then Vice-
President Joice Mujuru.

He courted Mugabe’s ire when he said all able-bodied Zimbabweans should resist a “boardroom or bedroom coup”, in apparent reference to a plot to unseat Mujuru.

Former VP Mujuru, a number of ministers, Zanu PF provincial chairpersons and other officials were booted out on charges of planning to topple Mugabe.

However, Sibanda described those behind the purge and now controlling Zanu PF as a corrupt, repressive and criminal cabal now surrounding Mugabe to loot the nation’s resources.

He said Zanu PF would be cleansed of such a “dirty lot”.

“The late (Joshua) Nkomo was loyal to Mugabe, but he was chased away and persecuted by people who today purport to be very loyal to him, but only for their selfish, personal needs and to get positions at the expense of democracy,” he said.

“What we see today in Zanu PF is people wielding power against the people and using the army against the people. I do not believe in such a party. I believe in Zanu PF that upholds the will of the people, their hopes and aspirations.

“I promise you that Zanu PF will be cleansed of this dirty lot.

“I may not be there when it happens, but this country will be cleansed of this dirty lot that are destroying the party and the country.
“Our minerals have disappeared.

“Mugabe even once asked where the minerals were. Our minerals have been taken by the same people who are destroying the party from within.

He added: “Corrupt weevils have destroyed our industries, looted diamonds, other minerals and undermined democracy.

“There is no democracy in Zanu PF and this is all because of these weevils, but the question is for how long will the nation take this nonsense?”

Sibanda described his ouster as illegal, before labelling the Mutsvangwa-led war veterans’ association as a military militia, created ostensibly by the army to oppress Zimbabweans.

“Our war veterans’ association is an affiliate of Zanu PF and not the army,” he said. “We do not exist anywhere in the Defence Forces Act.

“However, this brand new entity is affiliated to the Defence Forces and they are now using the power of the barracks to threaten war veterans.

“This is not a war veterans’ association, but a military militia that has been set up by the army to extend the arm of repression against our people.

“They don’t have support and will not have it in the foreseeable future.”


  1. The man is obviously very angry but also extremely confused. Joshua Nkomo had his party and he was forced to abandon it to feed on Mugabe’s left overs in Zanupf until his death. After his surrendering no one ever bothered him except Joice Mujuru who once insulted him publicly. It is advisable to do some research before one goes into chaotic politics like this JB guy did. After forcing people for years to vote for Mugabe it is not easy for him to convince Zimbabweans to oppose Mugabe especially ” to serve the revolution through prayer and fasting”

  2. you want us to pray jabulani becoz you cant eat and have refused you to be corrupt also. the best thing is to also ask for forgiveness from tsvangirai and the many people you lied about and those who you forced to have sleepless nights in the name of mugabe and his now corrupt party. come on jabulani just tell us the truth of how you sinned when you were in zanu and repent. if you are a prayer person then read 1 CHRONICLES 7V14. the first thing is to be humble and accept that tsvangirai and the rest were right and you were wrong and then confess your sins and then we will be on our way to deliverance.

  3. Mr Sibanda as for me you will never and never convince me to take what you are saying for the way you did to our beloved innocent parents in Binga by forcing them to vote for what they did not want. vakagona ve Zanu kukudzinga waifunga kuti uchafiramo manje wakasangana nazvo ka

  4. ipolitics ayeneli esikhwameni njengemali Jabulani Sibanda. Wambuluzela abantu owawulabo empini, wabahleka usulu wazibona ususesiqongweni kanti ume eqaqeni lwamaxolo lwadliwa ngumuhlwa. Usulenga emoyeni susithi sithandazele irevolution. Awazi ukuthi irevolution kuyini lokuthi umthandazo kuyini. Lezi zinto asiwo manga lebhonyeponye lezombangazwe okugcwele kuZanupf yababulalali izigebenga, izihwaba amasela amawule nje akho konke.

  5. okumangazayo nog sibanda yikuthi usola abantu abaseduze no Mugabe , kanti uMgabe yena akafani nabo? Angithi inhlanzi iqala ukubola ekhanda angeke kwenzeke ukuthi amamember e zpf abe ngabahuquluzi umongameli wabo ebabona engenzi lutho bese sithi umsulwa cha ayikho into ekhulunywa ngulondoda.uyesabani ukutsho iqiniso ukuthi u Nkomo wahlukuluzwa ngu Mgabe hatshi laba bantu abangenamagama obatshoyo. inhlanzi itshelwe ngamanzi siykwamukela kumpilo ebuhlungu okudala siyiphila ngesikhathi wena ucwilile emsobheni utshayela phezulu.

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