School closed over witchcraft scare


NYONGOLO Primary School in Lubangwe area about 60km from Victoria Falls reportedly closed last week when teachers deserted the school after a fight with the school head, whom they accused of witchcraft.

Richard Muponde
Senior Reporter

Reports from the school, which is surrounded by resettlement areas, were that the headmaster, whose name could not be immediately verified, picked a fight with a female teacher identified as Ncube, which degenerated into a fistfight last week.

However, it was said some of the members of staff joined in the fray and the head was forced to retreat into his office.

The teachers reportedly followed in hot pursuit and upon getting into his office, it was alleged they did not find him, but instead saw a big black cat perched on his chair.

Efforts to get a comment from both parties were fruitless, while Chief Shana who has jurisdiction over the area was not answering his phone.

However, a villager from Lubangwe confirmed the development yesterday and said teachers stormed out of the head’s office and made a report at Lubangwe Police Base.

He said villagers suspected the school head was involved in satanic practices and they had held several meetings where they agreed to sack him, but no one had gathered the courage to tell him in to face.

“When the police arrived at the school, they found him in his office,” the villager claimed.

“However, on handcuffing him, the cuffs just mysterious fell off. They had to take him to their base without handcuffs.”

The villager said all hell broke loose when the police came back to arrest two of the teachers, one them, Ncube.

“That’s when the other teachers joined in and left the school and promised not to come back until the headmaster was removed from the school,” the villager said.

“The school was immediately closed.

“The headmaster has not returned either.”