Football thugs belong in prison

“I want to say Highlanders should implore their fans to stop violence and I hope when the committee meets they will take stern action,”

A Caps United fan is reportedly battling for his life at a local hospital after being brutalised by football thugs masquerading as Highlanders Football Club supporters after the home team lost 1-2 to the visitors.

Pictures of the semi-naked helpless Caps fan as he lay prostrate and badly injured have gone viral on social media.

Signs of trouble were all there for all to see during the duration of the highly entertaining fixture. A police detail in riot gear was assaulted at the Soweto stand at Barbourfields (BF) Stadium as he tried to stop some hooligans from jumping into the field of play.

When rain threatened, Highlanders fans from the Soweto and eastern stands jumped the perimeter fence, invading the pitch as they sought shelter in the grand stands, much to the chagrin of VVIP, VIP and other executives that had forked out $10 each to watch the Bob 91 semi-final.

Highlanders fans move back to Soweto after the rains at Barbour Fields stadium yesterday
Highlanders fans move back to Soweto after the rains at Barbour Fields stadium yesterday

On several occasion missiles, mostly empty bottles of all sorts of brandy and cheap whiskies rained down the pitch as some Highlanders supporters disputed decisions by the referee and when they felt annoyed by the delaying antics of Caps players.

With Caps leading 2-1, the match had to be stopped for 12 minutes after the visitors’ goalie Victor Twaliki was struck on the head by a bottle thrown from the Soweto stand.

All hell broke loose when the referee blew the final whistle as football thugs lashed out at perceived Caps supporters as fans exited the stadium.

What is shocking is that some known husbands, boyfriends, fathers, uncles and brothers, are part of this annoying and childish hooliganism at BF every time when Bosso loses at BF.

The onus is on the Premier Soccer League (PSL), Highlanders executive and law enforcements agents to put an end to this football thuggery which is mostly fuelled by fanaticism. If the violence around Highlanders home matches is not nipped in the bud, this fanaticism could rival that of Boko Haram.

The PSL should seriously consider the installation of CCTV (closed circuit television) at BF as pilot project to address football violence and hooliganism in the local game.

Football hooligans belong in prisons; they are not supporters of the beautiful game and are only intent on soiling the good name of iteam yezwe lonke.

Let’s name and shame them so that they go where they belong in prison and the keys are thrown away.