Dan Tshanda to perform in Byo


SOUTH AFRICAN disco music producer and singer Dan Tshanda, who is famed for producing Dalom Kids, Patricia Majalisa, Peacock, Splash and Matshikos under his production company Dalom Music Production, is set to perform in Bulawayo next month.


Tshanda confirmed that he would be in the City of Kings, but asked Woza weekened to get more details from his promoter Dave Ncube of Sekunjalo Promotions.

Ncube said Tshanda was in high demand, hence Sekunjalo’s decision to bring him for a show in Bulawayo next month.

“He still has something that you can sit and listen to or dance to, compared to these overnight success stories or this bubblegum music, where everyone is a musician because they own a computer,” Ncube said.

“If you look at the South African market, it is only Tshanda, besides Hugh Masekela and Soul Brothers, who are worth promoting, not these musicians who use digital analysed players, put a disc and sing along with no background instruments.

“In Zimbabwe we have real musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, who you cannot compare to noise makers. I can give an example of meat; it has different cuts such as the T-bone, liver and offals. Tshanda and Mtukudzi are your T-bone and liver then your Shinsomans are the offals,” he said.

Ncube said he was mentioning this because most musicians were forgotten within a short space of time since they tended to insult each other during stage performances.

“Can I pay my money to listen to that? No! Can I buy their discs? No! Can I promote that music? No! We are promoting international artistes because our local artistes at times overprice themselves,” said.

He added that Tshanda would perform with the Dalom Kids, Matshikos, Peacock, Splash, Montana and Creator.

In August 2013 the South African artiste had been billed to perform at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre and Hwange Colliery Stadium, but had a no-show despite being paid in full for the gigs.