Mnangagwa skirts Maleme saga

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday evaded questions about the volatile and emotive situation at Maleme Ranch, claiming he was not aware of what was happening.


Mnangagwa’s statements in Parliament could be a reflection of the government’s indifference to the villagers in Matobo, who have, for months been fighting the takeover of the farm by a State security agent, Rodney Mashingaidze.

The Vice-President’s response came after Matabeleland South legislator Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga (MDC) questioned him on what the government was doing to prevent conflicts in communities.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga asked Mnangagwa, as the leader of government business in the house, how they were handling the situation, as chiefs and their aides were being arrested for resisting the farm takeover.

She asked what Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s role was, considering that he had not addressed the issue even though he was responsible for the national healing portfolio in the government.

Mphoko like Mnangagwa this week, dodged the Maleme issue, staging a no show at a meeting where he was reportedly due to address villagers on the matter.

Mnangagwa asked for question on Maleme to be submitted in writing indicating he might respond next week.

The vice-president is quickly gaining a reputation of denying knowledge of issues, as only last week he said he did not know what a sanitary pad was.

Mashingaidze was allocated the farm late last year, but the community, including chiefs have been vehemently opposed to its acquisition.

On Tuesday, 12 villagers appeared in court on allegations of kidnapping Mashingaidze’s employees, but observers fear they were just being victimised for opposing the farm takeover.

In an unprecedented show of solidarity and resistance, some villagers volunteered to be arrested on the allegations of kidnapping.

Villagers have vowed to stage a vigil at Maleme, owned by Peter Cunningham, to ensure that the State spy does not set foot on it.


  1. I support the Maleme community for not allowing the spy to take over the farm. yidawo yenu asingavumi abantu bokuza bazophambanisa ,its better for the community to run the ranch than someone coming 500km away .aluta continua.

  2. these politicians should stop playing with us please, soon our patience will be running out and we will hid to tsvangirai’s call and in this one prepared to die. zimbabwe has a peaceful but hurting people (in some cases scared). but the way the politicians are doing it they are really taking us for granted. remember a useless dog when cornered will suddenly bite. watch my words.

  3. The government will have to make its position on the Maleme issue absolutely clear if peace is to prevail in the affected area and the region as a whole. Threatening people with police and state security action will definitely not work this time around. People are aware that a situation akin to the genocide in the 1980s cannot be repeated. Neither will it be tolerated by the international community, SADC and the people who are affected by this saga. May I suggest that civil society , as a show of solidarity, organise people in the region to join villagers in keeping a peaceful vigil at Maleme in solidarity with the disenfranchised villagers. Bottom line: The take over of Maleme must not be allowed to be used as a precedent for future action of a similar kind. Such a situation has the potential of leading to sectional strife comparable to what the world witnessed in Rwanda!

  4. this is grossly unfair and daylight robbery. if the community is happy about the services they are given by the current owner then let them stay. both VPs seem to be too busy to come down Bulawayo and see for themselves including our own Phelekezela. lawe usuphelekezela abanye khonangapho eharare SHAAAME. orbet, simon khaya, sikhanyiso ndlovu, selisiyekela sihlukuluzwa kabuhlungu kanje sizulelwa ngamanqe shuwa shuwa, come and protect your people please, selihlezi lonke eharare alifuni kudeveloper indawo yakini labantu bakini, lizaphaphama sebelixotshile lani. come and stop this nonsense, kanti wona vele amaplazi asephelile yini khonale phezulu sebebuya ngapha,

  5. Ya, Patrick Ndlovu, batshele laba abantu oPhekeleza batsho oDabengwa ukuthi ngumthengisi. Lesithombe sikamdala uNkomo, eBulawayo baifaka sakhangela kubo le eHarare. Bayekele laba yibo, abenza singathi sifuna amabirth amakhulu kuthiwe Harare, abavule amehlo bephaphame.

  6. Aba tshopisi (Choppies) siyabazi. Good chance the CIO chap weza ephelekezela ophelekezela abanye. Shame, safa saphela Zulu kandaba

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