Zim bars Africans from visiting Vic Falls

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi

ZIMBABWE has put a “moratorium” on Ugandan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) nationals from entering the country through Victoria Falls, with reports that the move was made as a security measure to bar suspected militants from entering the country.


Sources in the tourism industry said authorities at the border were very suspicious of Ugandan and DRC nationals who visit Victoria Falls coming through Zambia.

Reports say immigration officers at the border were barring those nationals from entering the country.

The move has been viewed by the tourism industry as an unfair practice, which had the potential of harming regional and continental tourism relations.

A source in the tourism sector said Ugandans and Congolese were being barred from entering the country, with the latest batch having been barred last week.

“These nationals were being barred since May last year,” the source said.

“We feel it’s not fair for the tourism industry.

“The move destroys tourism integration with other countries as our nationals could also face the same treatment in these countries.

“From my understanding the Congolese and Ugandan nationals do not need to have visas before coming to Zimbabwe.

“The government should clarify the issue because Zambia allows them to pass to Zimbabwe because of that set-up.”

Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Walter Mzembi could not be reached for comment yesterday as he was said to be in a meeting.

The Sadc region has integrated its tourism to remove border impediments for tourists visiting countries in the bloc.

Recently South Africa scrapped yellow fever certificates for visitors coming from Zambia a move that was well received by tourism players in Victoria Falls.


  1. Am wondering what does Mzembi have to with this? This is purely a Home Affairs matter. The Department of Immigration under Home Affairs should be called to clarify on this one. They are the ones who man the borders. They are the ones who decides on who should or shouldn’t enter Zimbabwe. Mzembi is only responsible for promoting visits to Zimbabwe. Period! He has no control on entry and exits into the country.

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