Chinese firm shuts down, owes workers 2011 salaries


A CHINESE chrome mining and smelting company in Gweru has shut down while its workers are still owed salaries and allowances dating back to 2011.


Workers for the company Xin Yu Mining, which closed down on February 14 this year, are crying foul that they are still owed salaries and allowances from as far as 2011.

One of the employees, who preferred anonymity for fear of not being paid her salary, said they saw a notice on February 11 this year, saying that the company was shutting down due to operational costs.

“The notice said that we are stopping production on February 15 because of the low price of ferro-chrome and the high cost of electricity, but they actually closed on the 14th,” she said.

She said workers were struggling with debts because of the money they are owed by the mining company.

“We are suffering from debts because those people (Chinese owners of Xin Yu) do not want to pay our dues since 2011,” she said.

The employee explained that they were intimidated not to demand salaries because whenever they inquired when they would be paid, they were made to choose between keeping their jobs and receiving their wages as an exit package.

Workers were promised that they would receive housing allowances, which also did not materialise.

In 2010 when the firm started its operations, Xin Yu Mining was taken to the Labour Court for workplace violations, including underpaying workers.

Of late, Chinese companies have faced heavy criticism for allegedly exploiting their employees.

Strenuous efforts to get a comment from the company’s management were fruitless.