Aggrieved men urinate on ‘adulterer’


TWO Somabhula men severely assaulted and urinated on a man whom they suspected of having an affair with the wife of one of them.


The two will each serve a seven-month effective prison term after they were found guilty of theft and assaulting a man they accused of having an affair with the wife of another.

Maxen Moyo (49) and Leon Sibanda (27), both from Fairfield Farm, appeared before Gweru magistrate Judith Taruvinga and were found guilty on charges of theft and assaulting Fainos Ndlovu (29).

The two were sentenced to nine months in prison, with two months suspended for two years on condition that they are not convicted of a similar offence.

In passing judgment, Taruvinga said that the act of assaulting and urinating on someone was barbaric and degrading.

Prosecutor Daniel Tafuma told the court that on February 27 this year, Moyo and Sibanda in the company of Ndava Moyo and another unknown male (both still at large) hatched a plan to assault Ndlovu.

The four then went to Ndlovu’s residence at Vlackfontein Farm and accused him of sleeping with Nyarai Chigayo, Sibanda’s wife.

Ndava handcuffed Ndlovu and the unknown man beat the complainant several times all over the body with a log and booted feet.

Moyo kicked Ndlovu on his private parts twice and searched his pockets, while the complainant was held down by the unknown man, taking $69.

The four put Ndlovu in a sack and threw him into a river, but then quickly pulled him out of the water, tied him to a tree and continued assaulting him with a log. Ndlovu spent the rest of the night tied to the tree.

The following day, the four took Ndlovu to Dorset Police Base and along the way, Sibanda was urinating on him and when they got to the police base they handed Ndlovu over accusing him of sleeping with Sibanda’s wife.

Ndlovu sustained swollen testes and had pain all over the body. A medical report was produced as an exhibit.