Edgars engages global IT firm to boost operations

Ashish Dass, President, Middle East & Africa for 3i Infotech
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HARARE – Clothing retailer, Edgars has engaged a global information technology firm, 3i Infotech to provide IT services in a bid to improve business operations.

3i Infotech, with interests in the Middle East and Africa, said its Orion 10.7 programme would address the retailer’s operational challenges of data visibility and consolidation.

“Their dependency on legacy systems was one of the biggest challenges they faced. Operations were complex and cumbersome, hence limiting business service capacity and potential for growth. This resulted in the need for a state of the art ERP solution,”3i Infotech said in a statement.

The company’s president Middle East and Africa, Ashish Dass said his team had worked closely with the retailer’s various departments to facilitate the changeover.

“We believe that with Orion, Edgars will not only be able to consolidate and streamline their operations but will be ahead of their competition when armed with the right information at the right time,” he said.

The programme, which offers solutions in financial management and analysis, supply chain management, retail management, warehouse management and human capital management, has been used for 20 years across Middle East and Africa, “where it enabled mid-market and enterprise businesses to grow.”

“Our vision is to offer quality, value and superior customer service in world class environments and we are certain that incorporating these advanced technological solutions will add more value to the business which will be passed onto our customers who are our biggest asset,” said Edgars group chief executive, Linda Masterson.

“It was the positive feedback from 3i Infotech’s existing customers including E-max and Shankar Trading that reinforced the strategic decision of implementing Orion.”

Through implementation of Orion, it is anticipated that Edgars will be able to streamline its operations by substantially reducing manual input, processing and accessibility of data on its branch network.

The group recorded a 22,3% jump in after-tax profit to $5,1 million for the 53 weeks to January driven by the group’s extended credit repayment facility and improved products. – The Source