Gweru blames water cuts on Zesa


Gweru City Council has blamed disruptions in water supplies on power cuts which are forcing residents to resort to boreholes and other sources of water.

By Stephen Chadenga

Council said the electricity outages were affecting the water pumping capacity causing taps to run dry for the greater part of the day, particularly in high-density areas.

Town clerk Daniel Matawu urged residents to use water sparingly as the local authority engages the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) to resolve the matter.

“The City of Gweru would like to notify all its valued customers that we are facing power outages at out water pumping stations,” Matawu said in a notice.

“The interruptions compromise water delivery to the city and we are currently engaging with ZETDC (Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company) to improve water supply.

“We would like to encourage residents to use water sparingly during these power outages.”

Last year, Gweru experienced water shortages as a result of erratic power supplies as well as breakdown of pumps.

Most water pumps in the city are obsolete and have not been replaced for some time.

Zesa has a regular load-shedding programme to compensate for the deficit in local electricity generation and imports. The load-shedding usually worsens during winter.