‘Dabengwa most likely to brew shocker’

There is no doubt that our work would have been easier and more co-ordinated if we had centres in Harare and Bulawayo for our northern and southern region activities respectively.

POLITICAL analysts have tipped the Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu to brew a shocker in next month’s by-elections in Bulawayo, as it is widely viewed as a better alternative by the electorate.


However, they warned that Zanu PF’s chances of victory would be aided by “the uneven electoral field”.

Both parties and scores of independent candidates have upped campaigns through holding a series of door-to-door meetings.

Political commentator and journalist Methuseli Moyo yesterday said although Zanu PF might seem to be having an upper hand and could win seats in Bulawayo, it would not come as a surprise if Zapu grabbed all seats in Bulawayo as it was the only political party which would be regarded as a viable alternative by the electorate.

“I think Zanu PF has the most realistic chance since 2000 to win contested parliamentary seats in Bulawayo, but one can never be sure,” he said.
“If the ruling party manages to maintain March 2013 numbers, it could win. However, it must be wary of Zapu.

“In the absence of the MDCs, Zapu may be the preferred alternative for people who do not like Zanu PF, and they are plenty.

“All Zapu needs to do is to convince them to go out and vote. Apathy will favour Zanu PF.”

Another analyst, Dewa Mavhinga, questioned the electoral field which he said was favouring Zanu PF.

“But in the end the deciding factor may not depend on electoral campaigns, but on the uneven electoral field,” Mavhinga said.

“In that situation, because the electoral field remains uneven, Zanu PF might snatch victory from the jaws of Zapu.”

However, George Mkhwananzi differed with Moyo saying only Zanu PF would win elections in Bulawayo through rigging.

“I honestly don’t expect any party or individual to win any of the by-elections anywhere in Zimbabwe on June 10 except the masters of rigging, Zanu PF,” Mkhwananzi said.

“In the case of Bulawayo and Tsholotsho, I foresee massive voter apathy which will mean a Zanu PF victory.

If you check the statistics of the last election, you would notice that Zanu PF numbers averaged 5 000 in Bulawayo and the Tsholotsho result was a narrow victory for MDC-T.

“It will only take a very popular and well-organised party to beat an unpopular, violent, but well-resourced Zanu PF in a by-election, not some opportunistic party or individual.”

There are 14 vacant constituencies which will conduct by-elections on June 10.

Bulawayo has five vacant constituencies — Mpopoma, Lobengula, Pumula, Makokoba and Luveve.

In Harare primaries were held in six constituencies — Highfield West, Glen View South, Kuwadzana, Kambuzuma, Dzivarasekwa and Harare East, while other polls were held in Manicaland’s Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency and in the Midlands province’s Kwekwe-Mbizo constituency.

In Mashonaland West (Hurungwe West) and in Manicaland (Headlands) by-elections will be held. In Tsholotsho North Jonathan Moyo (Zanu PF) will contest two independents — Busani Ncube and Getrude Sibanda.


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