Teen hijacks taxi driver


An 18-year-old Zvishavane man has been arraigned before the Gweru courts on allegations of threatening a taxi driver with a chain before robbing the cabman of his car.

By Stephen Chadenga

Allegations are that Arch Takunda Matshazi and Ellington Gumbo (23) both residents of Zvishavane, approached the complainant, Adam Nhoto with the intention of hiring his car.

At the Drummond turn-off along Zvishavane-Mbalabala Road, the duo refused to pay for the taxi and Matshazi produced a chain which he used to threaten Nhoto before speeding away with his car.

Regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire yesterday acquitted Gumbo of robbery charges, but remanded Matshazi to June 5 for judgment on the same allegations.

Gumbo had maintained in court that he did not know Matshazi and had met him on that day with the genuine belief that he also wanted to hire a taxi.

The State heard that on February 28 at 9pm, Nhoto was seated in his cab outside Pote Supermarket in Zvishavane waiting for potential clients.

Matshazi and Gumbo approached the complainant and requested to be taken to Drummond area on the outskirts of the mining town.

The two sat on the back passenger seat.

When the complainant demanded his $3 for hiring the cab, Matshazi allegedly produced a chain and threatened him with death before ordering him to get out of the car.

Matshazi then jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off towards Noelvale suburb.

Nhoto made a report to the police who later caught Matshazi along Zvishavane-Masvingo Road after giving chase.

The car valued at $4 500 was recovered by the police.