Goblins terrorise families


THREE families from Nkulumane 5 high-density suburb in Bulawayo say they are living in fear of suspected goblins that constantly attack their homes, breaking window panes and roofing sheets.


Some of the families from three adjacent houses told Southern Eye the mysterious attacks began a month ago and had become a daily occurrence.

The residents related their ordeal in interviews facilitated by Ward 24 councillor Gideon Mangena on Sunday.

Violet Ngqatha believes she is the most affected and the latest attack happened on Friday night when stones started raining on the house while she was having tea.

“This problem started on Friday last week and it usually happens at 7pm, but gets worse during the night,” Ngqatha said.

“We just hear stones raining on the roof and at times my one-year-old nephew had sand thrown into his eyes.

When it started on Friday evening, I was sitting in the dining room watching television while drinking tea.

“A stone hit the window pane and landed inside the room. Another stone hit the roof.”

Ngqatha said the attacks had traumatised her family as they had not had such an experience before.

On Sunday morning, Mangena called a residents’ meeting to discuss the problem and when Ngqatha returned she was told more stones had rained on the house.

Another victim, Fiselani Moyo, said the attacks on her house began in May and they happened at any time of the day.
“When it started, it was very serious and we ran around seeking help. That is what I think reduced the attacks,” Moyo said.

“We have been seeking help from traditionalists and at times we burnt charms and sprinkled some for protection. Attacks receded for a while, but the problems have since worsened.”

Moyo said she was once hit by a stone, but did not sustain any injuries. On Sunday while attending the residents’ meeting, a mysterious fire burnt blankets that were in her bedroom.

Nomalanga Nkomo, another victim, said her sister was hit by a stone, but did not sustain any injuries.

“We are living in fear having stones being thrown by unseen persons or things. That is really strange,” Nkomo said.

Mangena appealed for well-wishers to help Moyo’s family with blankets.

“Whoever wants to assist must approach me or call on 0774 310 539,” Mangena said.

The council or said more houses were affected in the neighbourhood and residents have since resolved to engage traditional healers and prophets to exorcise the area.

“Three houses had previously been reported to be affected, but today (Sunday) more than five residents claimed during the meeting that they have equally been affected,” Mangena said.

“The meeting was attended by some traditional healers, prophets from the apostolic sect and Zion congregants who claimed ability to cleanse houses of such spirits.

“Residents agreed that since the prophets and traditional healers were offering to cleanse their houses, they should be allowed to do so.”