Only solution is to flee Zim: MP


ZIMBABWEANS have been left with no choice but to flee to neighbouring countries as the economic situation continues to deteriorate, MDC Bulawayo South legislator Eddie Cross said.
Cross said trekking to neighbouring countries would, however, pull down the whole region.


He said regional leaders should understand that they will have to pay a high price for Zimbabwe’s economic problems.

Cross said problems besetting the country were further worsened by the fact that the country remained isolated, as seen by the failure of the government to get international assistance to turn around the economy.

“Internationally, we remain as isolated as ever. Even the Chinese are saying that to qualify for their assistance, we have to reform the way we do things,” Cross, who is also the MDC secretary for local government, wrote in an opinion piece.


“In the absence of fundamental political, social and economic reforms, there will be no possibility of any international assistance. The only option for Zimbabweans caught up in this spiraling crisis will be to flee and find refuge in another country.”

He said if the current situation persisted, Zimbabwe would not recover its place in the world or in the global economy.

“We will, in the process, pull down all our neighbours and impede their own progress into the future,” Cross added.

“Regional leaders have to understand the consequences of having a pariah State in their midst — straddling their key infrastructure and transport, power and communications systems. They have to understand the collateral effects on their own diplomatic and investor relations. This is a globalised world — no one can ignore international sentiment.”

President Robert Mugabe delivers a state of the nation address today, though the MDC’s have said there was little hope that the country’s only leader since independence will point out how the government would tackle the unfolding crises characterised by company closures and massive job cuts.