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Johannes Marisa

COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc globally with many deaths taking place in the world on a daily basis. Officially, at least 4,66 million people have died. Considering poor data collection in some countries, there is a high probability that the number could be as high as nine million. Many deaths are not recorded in many countries. At least 21 doctors in the country died to defend our country. May their souls rest in peace!

On Tuesday, USA recorded 1 934 deaths from COVID-19 with more than 142 000 new cases while United Kingdom recorded 185 deaths and at least 26 000 new cases.

Zimbabwe on the same day saw the number of new cases rising to 418 from a previous count of 130 but the number of deaths remained more or less the same.

Many of the affected countries had already thrown public health restrictions into the bin, including discarding masks and shunning social distancing. That didn’t require a rocket scientist to conclude that a disaster was imminent.

Whoever advised these countries sold them dummies and there are so many unnecessary deaths today. COVID-19 needs medical discipline.

Our country has managed COVID-19 better than many countries in the world and if people continue to observe COVID-19 restrictions, we stand the chance to win against the impending fourth wave which is threatening to have a full basket of mutant viruses that include the newly found C.1.2 and the Mu strain.

I got alarmed by some of our citizens who were celebrating the judgment against government’s decision to allow only vaccinated congregants to attend church services.

The sad news is that COVID-19 strikes you as an individual with the copy of judgment in your hand.

It is very wise to be vaccinated and failure to follow such public health measures will only mean perpetuation of this diabolical virus with resultant sickness and deaths.

It is my biggest prayer that all big organisations be advocates for vaccination and, therefore, spread the message of inoculation.

The same people cry the most when they become sick. They lament the cost of treatment in private clinics and hospitals yet government tries by all means to reduce complications of COVID-19 by encouraging immunisation.

COVID-19 is expensive to treat, the cost of drugs and oxygen is beyond the reach of many. Vaccination is free, hence this is the only advanced way of combating the further spread of this calamitous virus.

It is a pity that since the lifting of restrictions two weeks ago, there has been vaccination apathy and the number of people walking in to get vaccinated has been gradually going down.

Many people think that vaccination should be given when COVID-19 is attacking yet vaccination should be there to give protection in the event that one is attacked. It should be noted that vaccination does not mean that one will not suffer from COVID-19. One may suffer like anyone else but the complications in unvaccinated patients may be disproportionately high.

Deaths have been shown to be less among vaccinated patients than those who are unvaccinated. With the fading away of the third wave of the COVID-19 in our country, it is, therefore, wise to do some of the following:

Get your jab today when pressure is low so that you and the people that you are going to mix with are protected.

There are so many vaccination points and we thank the private practitioners who joined the vaccination programme and decongested public institutions.

Our country recently acquired two million more vaccines and with this rate of vaccine acquisition, it is possible to reach at least the 50% mark before the end of the year if people co-operate. So far 4,75 million doses have been given with about 13% of the entire population having been fully vaccinated.

˜ Media houses should play significant a role in order to spread the word on a daily basis. Community advocacy and campaigns should be carried out in order to relay the correct message as both misinformation and disinformation are causing havoc in the country.

The country cannot progress when everyone thinks they have become medical specialists merely because of surfing on the internet. People should at least get medical advice. Get the correct information that will save you from the jaws of the dreaded COVID-19.

˜ Realise that COVID-19 is going to be with us for a long time. The fourth wave is on its way as many countries are already under attack.

Remain vigilant because complacency has contributed to many deaths from the diabolical virus.

Keep yourself safe from COVID-19. For those who have suffered from COVID-19 before, watch out for post-COVID-19 complications even months after you tested positive.

Avoid contracting COVID-19 and do not forget to get your COVID-19 jab. Your health is determined by yourself and not by anyone!

Johannes Marisa is president of the Medical and Dental Private Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe. He writes here in his personal capacity.


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