Gospel sensation Mhoka-Mutungwazi defies setbacks




UNITED KINGDOM-BASED Zimbabwean gospel musician Varaidzo Mhoka-Mutungwazi has defied setbacks that kept her on the sidelines for nine years to release a single titled Mwari Makatendeka, which has an accompanying video.

The single features UK-based fellow gospel musician and producer Timothy Ngwenya.

Mhoka-Mutungwazi told NewsDay Life & Style that she had encountered multiple impediments during the first phase of her music career, something which compelled her to throw in the towel.

“It was in 2012 when I gave up because of the frustrations and challenges I encountered from people not accepting my music to a point where people did not attend my shows,” she said.

“Some time I was invited to a church conference here in the UK following some congregants’ recommendation.

“We prepared everything, but the public address system was so bad and it let me down. Imagine after having paid for a place for rehearsals, the singers and drummers.”

Mhoka-Mutungwazi said her comeback on the music scene was enthused by the way God communicated to her in dreams.

“God always, through dreams, revealed that He would want me to preach. Even though I  had given up, He kept on pushing me to spread His Word until I  released this song Mwari Makatendeka,” Mhoka-Mutungwazi said.

“From the period of my setback in the gospel music, I have learnt that we cannot run away from God’s plans and stop His purposes in our lives.”

Mhoka-Mutungwazi, who has two albums Messiah and Great to Me under her belt, both recorded by Agrippa Njanini, feels her music did not reach her targeted audience, hence her frustrations.

“When I  started my music career I expected my songs to reach out to a certain audience, but it failed. The lesson is that no matter how many times we fall, giving up is not an option,” she said.

Mhoka-Mutungwazi is working on two singles Mwari Burukai Murape Nyika Yedu and Our Saviour, which she expects to release in the next few months.

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