Sadc summit: Ncube sceptical


THE planned extraordinary Sadc summit in Mozambique is not likely to make any significant progress to resolve the Zimbabwe crisis, as the Supreme Court ruling on elections has presented hurdles to regional leaders, MDC leader Welshman Ncube said.

Report by Chief Reporter

Sadc is due to convene an extraordinary summit on Zimbabwe ahead of elections later this year and part of the agenda would be to seek ways to help raise money for elections.

Zimbabwe is struggling to raise about $130 million for the elections.

However, Ncube has cast doubt on the significance of the summit.

“In the light of the mess that has been created by the Supreme Court, one has to be sceptical on what can be achieved and part of the agenda of the anarchist is to make the Sadc and AU (African Union) efforts irrelevant,” he said.

“The idea is to say, we need the Sadc summit to convene on June 9, but what is it that it can do if Zanu PF can now stand and say we have been ordered by the Supreme Court to proclaim an election? What is it that we can do?”

Ncube said despite the reduced significance of the summit, he will attend the meeting.

“But I think they are in a position where now they are extremely curtailed by the Supreme Court judgment,” he added.

The weekend summit is also expected to review the implementation of outstanding issues of the GPA and the election roadmap and election funding.