The purpose of life

If you don’t have a destination you will wonder aimlessly without achieving anything. Life is a really complex phenomena from the time one is born to the day that a person goes to meet his maker. One would question their very existence, why should they have to bear all the tribulations that life brings? Why […]

By The Standard Feb. 7, 2018
Ship-wreck democracy
Ship-wreck democracy

Zimbabwe seems to be steering towards certain doom due to the leadership napping. The nation is at a crossroads with the political leadership clueless on what to do to salvage its pride. Political activity is at its worst state as men and women spend time frolicking with their selfish ambitions.

By The Standard Mar. 1, 2016
A serious contempt of the supreme law

On February 14, 2016, The Sunday Mail carried an article: No alignment required, promulgate the laws. It was encouraging to get such a witness in the house. The author of this and other Come aboard Series discourses has always put his foot down in arguing that all provisions of the Constitution became binding on the day the Supreme law was assented to by the State president, unless for the provisions whereby the Act is specific about them being held in abeyance.

By The Standard Feb. 26, 2016
Leadership: An honourable ambition

A LEADER must be sure he is always growing. Continual growth is key to effective leadership, and God is key to growth. There are, however, certain things that a leader can do to activate the growth process.

By The Standard Feb. 24, 2016
Touching the untouchable

Since Zimbabwe gained independence, veterans of the war of liberation have been respected and rendered almost untouchable. Rightly so, they have been feted as heroes and heroines of the war. They became revered so much to an extent they could neither be disappointed nor disproved. Sadly this gave them a lot of misplaced arrogance

By The Standard Feb. 23, 2016
An honourable ambition

Most Christians have reservations about aspiring to leadership. They are unsure about whether it is truly right for a person to want to be a leader. After all, is it not better for the position to seek out the person rather than the person to seek out the position?

By The Standard Feb. 16, 2016
Contempt of the Presidency

Fierce battles are being fought as Zanu PF attempts to settle the succession score. There are now too many persons of suspicious characteristics that are involved. Some of the parties involved include the security forces, Zanu PF factions, mainstream opposition parties and the almost incapacitated President Robert Mugabe. Of all the factions involved, Generation 40 (G40) is enjoying an upper hand.

By The Standard Feb. 16, 2016
Are motorists the worst of culprits?

Going by the concerted zeal in harassing motorists, for one to conclude that motorists maybe the worst of culprits would not be wrong. All tricks in the book are engaged against motorists. Multiple law enforcement agents feast on the motorists’ vulnerability.

By The Standard Feb. 12, 2016
How to recognise God’s vision

GOD does not give everyone a vision to be a preacher or to serve (usher) in the church. If we all become pastors, sheep will become extinct.

By The Standard Feb. 10, 2016
Imploding Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has enjoyed peace since the dawn of independence despite economic hardships. The Zanu PF government even went as far as pacifying the apartheid regime in South Africa by denying Umkhonto we Sizwe and APLA the privilege to establish military bases in the country.

By The Standard Feb. 9, 2016
Lessons from Mugabe’s AU address

One may not agree with everything President Robert Mugabe says or stands for. However, foe and ally will both agree that the man is a good orator, discharges assignments with dexterity, is a fighter, a fearless champion for a cause of his liking. He is a strategist par excellence.

By The Standard Feb. 5, 2016
Hatching your vision

PROVERBS 29 vs 18, “Where there is no vision (no redemption revelation of God) the people perish.”

By The Standard Feb. 3, 2016
When life throws a fight at you

A GREAT and good life is not devoid of challenges. You are not alone facing the fight that life always throws at us. At times, it’s extremely hard. It’s hard to lose your hard earned cash in an investment that did not work.

By The Standard Jan. 30, 2016
Ignore Zeresh’s prophecy at your own peril

David understood this principle so well: “The Lord forbid that I should stretch my hand against the Lord’s anointed . . .” Abishai, David’s right hand man urged David to utilise the opportunity, when he found King Saul, unsuspectingly sleeping in a curve.

By The Standard Jan. 29, 2016
Getting to know the 5th gospel

THE book of Hebrews has been called the 5th gospel. There are four gospels; Mathew, Mark, Luke, John. These describe Christ’s ministry on earth. The book of Hebrews is called the 5th gospel, because it describes the ministry of Christ in heaven.

By The Standard Jan. 27, 2016
Children deserve better

CHILDREN are the mainstay of any population group. Humans value their children so much and naturally do everything possible to protect them from both inclement elements and mean-spirited others. Children, naturally, benefit from non-negotiable parenting instincts that are traits of humans and other species.

By The Standard Jan. 26, 2016
For the good of all humanity

I WAS sat in church last Sunday, as the pastor preached about having conversations with God. I love conversations, so it made sense to me because I believe we need to talk to each other in order for there to be understanding and cohesiveness.

By The Standard Jan. 26, 2016
Zimbabweans are a die hard lot

Resilience is but an understatement when it comes to challenges confronting Zimbabweans. Belts have been tightened and they are now at the bone and can be squeezed no more.

By The Standard Jan. 25, 2016
Never a dull day in the life of an African diplomat

THE United States has reportedly asked Uganda to waive the diplomatic immunity of one of its diplomats at the United Nations, after an employee fled the envoy’s employ citing pay less than the American minimum.

By The Standard Jan. 19, 2016
YALI leadership model must be increased

Great leadership is hinged on a number of factors and some of them have been articulated in this column before.

By The Standard Jan. 16, 2016
Zimbabweans are a die-hard lot

RESILIENCE is but an understatement when it comes to challenges confronting Zimbabweans. Belts have been tightened and they are now at the bone and can be squeezed no more.

By The Standard Jan. 15, 2016
No need to have fear

The third fear we want to discuss is the fear of commitment as portrayed in the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary could not have foreseen what it would cost to obey what the angel of God had told her. Nevertheless, she courageously accepted the assignment.

By The Standard Jan. 13, 2016
Roaming while home burns

ONCE upon a time Rome was ruled by an Emperor called Nero. Nero enjoyed playing his violin, which is also known as a fiddle.

By The Standard Jan. 12, 2016
Disruptive leadership

In this world of information technology things seem to be evolving faster than we are able to keep track. Something that is useful today can wake up the next day obsolete and irrelevant.

By The Standard Jan. 9, 2016
Hope and fears

LUKE 1 vs 67-75, “And Zacharias his father was filled with the Holy Spirit, and did prophesy, saying… Blessed is the Lord, the God of Israel, because He did look upon, And wrought redemption for His people…

By The Standard Jan. 6, 2016
Happy New Year Zimbabwe

The New Year is a few days old now and the dark clouds of misfortune and uncertainty are stubbornly hanging over the heads of Zimbabweans as if to relay the unsavoury tidings of impending misery.

By The Standard Jan. 5, 2016
Leadership the biggest cry for Africa

Some of the problems in Africa are man-made. Africa is so rich in resources, but affected by innumerable problems. What Africa needs is not necessarily the medicines for our ailments, or food donations, but better leadership.

By The Standard Dec. 19, 2015
The art of lobbying

According to Wikipedia, lobbying or to lobby is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in government, parliamentarians or members of regulatory agencies. Groups or individuals can do lobbying.

By The Standard Dec. 18, 2015