How can Cryptocurrency solve Zimbabwe’s Cash shortage?

Nowadays, COVID-19 has imparted an enormous effect on the economies of several countries. More and more are now unemployed in these extreme circumstances. It has dragged the stabilized financial situation of the country into the worst. People are trying to achieve the most suitable and affordable way to maintain the economies. In this regard, cryptocurrency […]

By The Standard May. 4, 2021
Lack of financial transparency causes conflicts in marriage
Lack of financial transparency causes conflicts in marriage

If you carefully look at how the Anti-Christ is infiltrating society these days, you will see a planned trend of not only weakening but rubbishing marriage, the family, and the church. He uses two things money and sexuality.

By The Standard Apr. 14, 2016
Six enemies that stalk your dream

Then they said to one another, “look this dreamer is coming!”

By The Standard Apr. 6, 2016
Grace, a virtual law unto herself

Destruction of Zanu PF from within is a project whose time has come. With the party First Secretary, President Robert Mugabe apparently confounded by the rapidity, he has essentially lost control of the party as the chasm deepens.

By The Standard Mar. 29, 2016
The ghosts of Gukurahundi

Zimbabwean politics is a charade of men and women masquerading as freedom fighters. In reality, most politicians are wicked and self-centred individuals who may do with some serious divine intervention to resolve their transgressions against humanity.

By The Standard Mar. 29, 2016
Pay attention to clear red flags during dating

Love is not blind like what the world would like you to believe. Love has sharp eyes to see and sense pretence, lying and many other things that work against its nature. Many people use this misconception, that love is blind, to justify their lack of seriousness in dealing with issues during dating time. They […]

By The Standard Feb. 25, 2016
Your heart is where your treasure is

We discovered last week that the number one reason for divorce was and is lack of intentional investment in our marriages.

By The Standard Jan. 28, 2016
Pursue new knowledge in 2016

WELL I think it is still appropriate for me to welcome you all to the New Year. I am not sure what your plans are as individuals, couples or families, but I am certain in my heart that you have some plans in place.

By The Standard Jan. 7, 2016
A tribute to the suffering people

Notwithstanding the pervasive suffering afflicting most of her people, Zimbabwe’s future looks bright on account of her great people.

By The Standard Dec. 22, 2015
Relationships: Characteristics of a ‘destructive’ atmosphere in marriage

It’s just two more Thursdays before the year ends and I am excited to realise that for the whole year I have consistently written to you some awesome articles on marriage and relationships.

By The Standard Dec. 17, 2015
Three most important things women desire in a marriage

1 Peter 3: 7 says: “Husbands, likewise, dwell with them (wives) with understanding, giving honour to the wife, as to the weaker vessel and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.”

By The Standard Dec. 3, 2015
Uncovering the lost and exiled kings

On a recent visit to Grahamstown, a friend made time to drive me around the town.

By The Standard Nov. 11, 2015
11 enemies to your success

Failure is always predictable. My years of success coaching, counselling and consultancy have shown me that failure leaves traces behind and so does success. It is never too hard to know why you have had the kind of your results you have today. This could be either in leadership, relationships, or personal success. Some people […]

By The Standard Oct. 31, 2015
Unconquerable, my foot!

Those who usually say that the devil is a liar have obnoxiously not yet listened to First Lady Grace Mugabe’s coterie of supporters, who seem hell-bent on singing and gyrating for their supper to a youthful woman, who has effectively and drastically, in dramatic Mr Bean repertoire, sprung to contest for the nation’s top post.

By The Standard Oct. 28, 2015
Our education system should be improved, not besmirched

There are very few things that Zimbabweans generally pride themselves of and even fewer where there is almost unanimous consensus. Among this short list is the good quality of the education system that has been in place since 1980.

By The Standard Oct. 17, 2015
A Tribute to Mugabe

DEAR President, May this letter find you in good health and high spirits. Excuse me for bringing the subject of health as I neither have any sinister agenda nor any reason to cause consternation and suspicion within your entourage of minders. I only ask of your health as an extension of common courtesy. I am […]

By The Standard Oct. 6, 2015
Africa and climate change: Time to rethink, reflect on our past

That Africa is vulnerable to climate change is indisputable. Recent observable effects of this phenomenon in the region include; great water stress, extremities in temperatures, multiple changes in weather patterns, floods, cyclones, to mention only but a few.

By The Standard Oct. 5, 2015
Think big to achieve greatness

The vastness of our minds makes human beings unique and special. Each one of us is matchless and original. Zig Ziglar (2000, 23) in his book Steps to the Top says, “…man was designed for accomplishments, engineered for success, and endowed with seeds of greatness”.

By The Standard Oct. 3, 2015
‘We as a people shall get to the promised land’

Martin Luther King Jnr made the above statement on April 3, 1968. The said statement is both prophetic and inspiring. When Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States of America on January 20, 2009, Martin Luther King Jnr’s prophecy was fulfilled.

By The Standard Oct. 2, 2015
Nehanda missed a golden chance to claim uncontested glory

Just in case readers have concluded that Maxwell Zimuto’s frivolous comment about the Jameson Line represents an historical fact, rather than a mere political statement, I must respond to his comments, which were provoked by my recent article published in the Southern Eye, while I was out of the country.

By The Standard Sep. 30, 2015
A comparison of four political parties’ manifestos

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines a manifesto, as a public declaration of policy and aims issued before an election by a political party, candidate or government.

By The Standard Sep. 25, 2015
Two most powerful places of assurance and rest for couples

Wives have special needs and so do husbands. If these special needs are not met, couples soon get irritated and draw apart.

By The Standard Sep. 24, 2015
Obituary: Ndlovu was a true educationist

A lot has been said about the fallen Bulawayo giant and Zimbabwe’s national hero, Dr Sikhanyiso Duke Ndlovu. True to most eulogies, tributes and obituaries, he is an outstanding education giant, a scholar par excellence and a luminary in the development of Zimbabwean education.

By The Standard Sep. 21, 2015
Habits that can poison your relationship

Today, let me speak to those who are dating and are struggling in their relationships. Building a relationship requires a lot of commitment and self-discipline, which many dates lack.

By The Standard Aug. 27, 2015
British buck-passing game on display

THE greatest but shameful buck-passing game on the part of the British government has just been exposed in a letter written to Paul Siwela, the leader of the Matabeleland Liberation Organisation, rejecting his call for the restoration of the kingdom of Matabeleland on the flimsy ground the UK no longer exercises authority over Zimbabwe.

By The Standard Aug. 3, 2015
Zimbabwe’s walking sick

One of the most basic human needs is to be in good health. Poor health inevitably leads to death.

By The Standard Jul. 31, 2015
What do you do when your spouse discovers you are cheating on them?

CHEATING by spouses has become a huge set back and a threat to marriage. It has become a serious scandal against marriage and is responsible to possibly half of divorces ever experienced. Last week we looked at what one could do if they discover their spouse was cheating.

By The Standard Jul. 30, 2015
City lost top educationist, psychologist

Bulawayo and Zimbabwe, has lost a dedicated educationist and psychology professional, Veneliah Nomuhle Mhlaba.

By The Standard Jul. 25, 2015