BBA, The Chase: Africa backs Pokello


POKELLO Nare, one of Zimbabwe’s representatives in the Big Brother Africa: The Chase House, proved she was a force to reckon with after she received the highest number of votes to save her from eviction on Sunday evening.

Report by Melissa Mpofu

From the 14 participating countries, seven countries voted to keep Pokello in the game as she received votes from Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Non-BBA participating countries from Africa, known as “The Rest of Africa”, also voted for Pokello thereby making her country votes eight as “The Rest of Africa” vote is counted as one country vote.

The “Queen of Swag”, as Pokello is known by her fans, beat the other five housemates who were nominated by a great margin as Annabel (Kenya) got four votes, followed by Natasha (Malawi) who had two country votes.

Shy Angolan representatives Neyll and Biguesas became the third pair to be evicted from the game after receiving the least votes.

Neyll received one vote from his country whilst Biguesas had no vote at all. Angola and Uganda are now out of the game, leaving 12 countries and 22 housemates in the chase for the prize money of $300 000.

Unfortunately for Pokello, she does not know how Africa voted for her as housemates are not given eviction results. She seems to have had an idea though because before the Eviction show, Pokello predicted that Africa would support her 80%. A different and unique vote for her was that from Nigeria.

Over the years, Nigeria has been known not to support Zimbabwe in BBA as they are usually competition to each other. But this year, it is different because the Nigerian housemate, Elikem, and Pokello were close last week though this seems to have changed. Yesterday, Elikem nominated Pokello for possible eviction from the house this Sunday.

After commanding the highest number of nominations for eviction from housemates last week, Pokello does not seem to be a hit in the Ruby’s House as she was yesterday nominated by most housemates for eviction again. If this week’s Head of House, Basey, does not save Pokello, she will be up for eviction from the House this Sunday again. Other nominated housemates are Elikem and Natasha.

Hakeem, another Zimbabwean housemate in the Diamonds House, seems to be getting onto viewers’ nerves each day due to his obsession with Zambian lass Cleo. Though Cleo has often told Hakeem that she wants to focus on the game than a relationship, Hakeem keeps pestering her and insisting that they have a relationship in the BBA House. This is damaging his game plan as he is not contributing much because the only conversations he makes with other housemates has to be about Cleo.

During yesterday’s Eviction show, BBA host IK indirectly gave Hakeem some sound advice when he urged housemates in relationships to focus on the game and always remember that they were on their own. Ever since Hakeem set his eyes on Cleo, he seems to be chasing her whilst she is chasing the grand prize.