Divas promise fireworks


LOCAL dance group The Divas has promised to put up a well-polished performance when they perform tomorrow night at the Miss Bulawayo beauty pageant at The Rainbow Hotel.


One of the group members, Michelle Madau, said they were thrilled to perform at the show, as it will be their first big performance in Bulawayo.

“We are not taking this event lightly, as we have been rehearsing every day for the past two weeks for this event. We promise Bulawayo nothing but fireworks,” she said.

The pageant, being organised by Sarah Mpofu Sibanda’s Fingers Academy, will run under the theme “Vinter Wintage” which is a blend of vintage and winter.

“Our rehearsals have been fun and exciting and the mood in the camp is just great. We appeal to people to come in their numbers to support us and also for the models, I am sure, it will be a cold night, but we guarantee that we are going to warm up the place,” Madau added.

The group consists of six women who dance to panstula, hip-hop, reggae and s’bujwa.

The Divas are professional dancers who also compile music videos and stage live opening acts for renowned musicians. They are also grooming upcoming artistes by giving them a chance to showcase their talent whenever they perform.

The group, which mostly dances to local music, says this initiative is to market local musicians and producers around the world where they perform.