‘Chindori Chininga was killed’


THE family of the late Zanu PF Guruve South MP Edward Chindori-Chininga yesterday claimed the outspoken MP who died last week in a car crash was murdered by his political foes within the party.

Report by Moses Matenga

It also emerged that his wife Linda wanted Chindori-Chininga to be buried at Glen Forest Cemetery in Harare, but was turned down by other family members.

She threatened to boycott the burial and only arrived just before her husband was interred at his Mudhindo homestead in Guruve.
It is understood that she only agreed to attend the politician’s burial after being convinced by Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s wife.

Speaking during the burial, Chindori-Chininga’s relatives said there were young politicians who wanted to destroy Zanu PF by using dirty tactics against political rivals.

“Politics kills. You are killed by a stupid person,” Chindori-Chininga’s nephew John Chanetsa said.

“Stupid people plan for you.
“People who want to rule this country are not fit. Beware of those who want to rule. They don’t care about you and if (President Robert) Mugabe goes, there will be trouble.”

Chanetsa alleged that political rivals celebrated Chindori- Chininga’s death in bars.

“After I heard about the death, I ran around and realised people were celebrating the death.
“You killed him to pave way for yourself, but I am sorry God is for us all. If you want to rule do it in a a clean way,” Chanetsa said.
He said he held a meeting with Chindori-Chininga just a few hours before his death outlining various community projects.

Chanetsa said all the campaign material that Chindori-Chininga was supposed to use including 6 000 chicks and maize seeds would no longer be distributed, but would be sold and proceeds given to the family.

He said he would not be deterred by Chindori-Chininga’s death, but will campaign for Mugabe.

Chindori-Chininga’s brother Gilbert confirmed that the politician had a sense of insecurity since his first accident last year.

“We were told it was an accident. I am told he was very happy when he called home around 6pm only for his wife to receive another phone call about his accident around 7:30pm,” Gilbert said.

Another brother Tynos Shokora said even though Chindori-Chininga was gone, there shall rise another person of his calibre in the family.
Kasukuwere and Zanu PF Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson Dickson Mafios were the only notable Zanu PF members at the burial.
Kasukuwere described Chindori-Chininga as a dedicated party cadre who died while on duty to serve his party.

He took a swipe at the local media and political parties for claiming to be closer to Chindori-Chininga than Zanu PF.
“Leave this man to rest in peace and please desist from writing what you don’t know,” Kasukuwere said.

“He died because it was God’s will. He was dedicated to the party and don’t act as if you liked him because we find that very strange.
“Stop claiming him. He was Zanu PF, period. We also have opportunistic political parties who are also claiming him.”