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Billy wins golf tour


BILLY Haas won the AT&T championship on the PGA tour held at the Congressional golf course.

Teeing off with Mufaro Chivonivoni

Although the tournament lacked the big stars, with two of the previous winners namely Tiger Woods and Justin Rose pulling out for different reasons.Billy Haas still managed to beat a strong field of players to record his fifth career victory.

His final winning margin was three shots over Robert Castro. The weekend also saw the Champions tour holding their second major of the year, the Senior Players’ Championships. Kenny Perry managed to walk away with the trophy and prize money of $405 000 for his weekend’s work.

The champions tour is made up of professional golfers who are above the age of 50.

Most golfers who have been successful on the main tour have also gone on to compete on the champions tour.Kenny Perry had twice failed to win a major on the main tour and it was nice to see him finally getting his much-awaited major albeit on the senior tour.

Over the last weeks there have been a number of fundraising tournaments being held at the different golf courses with the latest being Masiyephambili School hosting its annual golf day on July 6 at Harry Allen Golf Club.

Although the amounts raised at these tournaments are minimal, given the harsh economic environment that we are experiencing, the tournaments have still proved to be mutually beneficial for all the parties involved. The clubs gain extra revenue from the increased number of people who will be at the golf course.

It might be the time for management at the golf clubs to look outside the traditional corporate sponsorships and partner other various charitable organisations as a way to increase the much needed revenue at the golf clubs.

This week I will take the time to explain what par is. In golf par is the number of shots a good player would take to complete a hole.
So on a par four, a good player is expected to take four shots to get the ball into the hole.

A complete golf course is made up of 18 holes which will consist of par three par fours and par fives.

Most golf courses are par 72 meaning that a good player should hit 72 shots to complete the 18 holes.

When a player scores more than the par he is over par and if scores less than the par he is under par. So if you take 70 shots to complete the course you would be two-under par and 69 would be three-under par etc. If on a hole you score one less than the par you are said to have scored a birdie while two-under par on a hole is an eagle.

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