Pokello spills the beans

AS soon as Pokello walked into the Ruby house, she revealed Feza’s secret.


Oneal couldn’t believe his ears when Pokello revealed how Feza allegedly asked Elikem to send her to the Diamond house.

Pokello is back in the Ruby house after her love interest Elikem brought her and Selly back after a week-long stay in the Diamond house.

Feza is back to officially calling the Diamond house her home, after she was herded there with Annabel.

Oneal looked on with wide eyed amazement as Pokello spilled the beans “Nando was saying earlier that Elikem is stupid for swapping Feza because Oneal is going to be head of house next week. Melvin then told him how Feza actually personally put in the request”, Pokello.

Oneal seemed confused by all of this and was heard saying: “I’m so confused right now.”Later, Oneal opened up to Angelo and Fatima about what he had just heard. “Feza acted like she didn’t see it coming. I’ve told her time and time again that her past always creeps back up in our relationship and I’m always involved,” Oneal said.

Fatima and Angelo then encouraged the Tswana housemate to speak to Feza tomorrow and find out exactly what happened, as well as find out if she is serious about being in a relationship with Oneal. “I don’t think she deliberately tried to sabotage your relationship.

She tried to change some aspects of her personality for you when she moved to the Ruby house. I think she really likes you. Maybe she just got overwhelmed,” Fatima said. Oneal also shared how Elikem shouldn’t think he will be vengeful after he did the swop.

“I won’t be, won’t try to exact revenge,” he told the two.

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