MDC-T corrupt: Khumalo

The independent candidate for Pelandaba/Mpopoma Samuel Sandla Khumalo has attacked his former party — the MDC-T — saying it did not have control and that it had perfected the Zanu PF art of vote rigging and corruption.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga

Khumalo had to brave a barrage of boos and insults from MDC-T youths at a public meeting which almost degenerated into chaos. The legislator later threatened to walk out of the meeting, as he was being heckled.

In an interview on Sunday, Khumalo expressed anger with the way he was treated by the MDC-T youths during the event.

“I am not happy with the way I was disrespected by those youths and there is certainly a lack of respect in that party.

“The behaviour of those youths was utter nonsense,” he charged.

Khumalo said the party was in shambles, as it had perfected the art of vote-rigging and corruption, just like Zanu PF.

“There are no longer controls within that party and even the president of the party Morgan Tsvangirai knows that,” he continued.

Khumalo also said the MDC-T was in chaos and that had forced him to stand as an independent candidate.

He said he was aware that he was hated in the party, as he stood for the truth and he was prepared to be a watchdog of the society, once re-elected.

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